I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k

That looks amazing - wow factor like color screen, digital streaming, Apple Music etc and has inputs for turntable. Price Point -Under $15k. As a comparison I was looking at the Naim Uniti Nova.


Quickie search

"all in one integrated amplifier"

found this HiFi Rose RS520. Very cool display

can add CD player module, no phono

Many here like Class D amps, I know nothing about them.

this one has MM Phono



built in MM and MC.


Personally, I would go for unit with CD module, and separate MM/MC Phono with optional loading, and easily replaceable in the future.


Drop Apple Music from your requirement wish list. Tidal and Qobuz sound better.
Look into Boulder 866 with DAC. Roon ready (you will need a subscription).

I have Cambridge Evo 150 and can easily recommend it.  You will have some money to spare. 🎉

Sleek?  You’d be hard pressed to find something more sleek than this Devialet…


Lyngdorf would also be a great choice.  Best of luck. 

Chord always has cool looking gear that is generally quite well regarded.   I have a Chord Mojo that sounds great and is very cool looking with multi color buttons and all … 

If you want a nice display on the unit Cambridge Naim and HiFi Rose are the go tos. The Hifi Rose integrated probably stands out if video will be part of your game.


I think Rotel just came out with something along those lines but may not be much info out there about it yet.

Oh and I would also consider NAD m33.  The room correction that comes with that can be a game changer.  

I went through similar choices recently and landed on the Canbridge Evo 150 and love it.  Originally I was looking at the m33 but went with the Cambridge which cost a lot less and actually had more input and output options I needed.  But the extra power of the m33 is a plus as is the room correction. 

Sleek not slim. That unit is pretty ugly IMO Lol 

But you think the Naim Unity Nova is good looking?  Seriously???  

Maybe you are just baiting us with that price and then wanting features but not even mentioning musical quality.  Really the display and slickness do not necessarily go coincident with amazing sound.  Someone Mentioned the Boulder.  The Audionet Watt sounds great.  The Soulnote A3.  You might be better with an external DAC.  There are many others Moon...but save money if all you want is cool display and a pretty face..

As a ex audio dealer ,that is not a sound request , for many reasons 

separate allow much better isolation power supplies, digital separate streamer,dacs  

for digital has advanced a lot ,innuos has very good entry level SS HD,streamer 

with excellent interface , you can add the LPS later , the T+A A200 dac-Preamp 

which has excellent galvanic isolation in every area dac as good as Anything  up to $15k+ the preamp is a excellent class A discreet type in the$5-6k class pick a decent power amp, Coda very good with discounts $5k as a example .

my point separates give you future flexibility.

You should be able to get a Gryphon Diablo 300 with DAC option at $15k as the new 333 is out (or coming soon).  It is one of the best integrated amp at this price - lotsa power.  It will blow away the Naim. What speakers do you have?

I have a Lyngdorf Processor. Absolutely love it. Sounds incredible with great workmanship. My votes for them. Good Luck and Happy Hunting  

I have never heard an integrated amp over 5K and probably never will. Based on reviews, I'd want to hear a Simaudio model for sure. 

I would never look for one with a phono input but a separate phono preamp.

What about a Gryphon Diablo 300 with phono module. You’ll probably have enough left over for a decent DAC/Streamer. 

Mola Mola Kula is 15.8k without a DAC and 8k more with a real Tambaqui Dac

destroys all Hegel

destroys Naim that is more midfi

destroys Gryphon

destroys midfi hifi rose

Aavik integrated also good I would demo that as well and see what has better synergy.

destroys anything else under 35-50k

to beat it you need a 41k DartZeal integraded

@rdk777 the Diablo 333 is 25k and not out for USA and DAC is not out anywhere for it and will be 6k putting it in at 31k. I heard a prototype it was marmite because it was not ready for prime time yet. To be determined!

I have never heard the Mola Mola component only their DAC.

I would also consider looking at what vinnie rossi offers.  Good guy and knows his stuff.


Happy Searching.


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@jacobsdad2000 lol indeed.  My favorite was @soix link which literally has the word sleek in the description only for OP to neg anyway.  In his defense the Divialet is ugly.  Nobody does minimalist as well as Naim. 

@aj523 a couple of folks have mentioned Lyngdorf. You should check out the review link @hilde45 posted above.

You have good taste in the Naim Nova. The only thing it’s gonna give you that the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 won’t is the cool color display, though, and the sexy feel of the volume knob. Although the volume knob on the Lyngdorf is very cool to. It has a nice action. As far as sleekness goes, it’s a complete toss up, imo. I’m kind of into design, personally, and I think that the aesthetic of the Lyngdorf is spot on.

What you lose out on in the color display dept is kind of dwarfed by the other advantages, though, in my opinion. The Room control software is second to none. I read every review I could get my hands on before I scored my 2170, which is the middle brother, between the 3400 and the 1120, and that’s kinda what they all say.

Room Perfect took me every bit of :20 to do, and I’m here to tell you, you will lose your room issues on the spot. And that could possibly transform the way you get to enjoy it.

If you get it brand new, and you get all of the available modules, you’ll still be under ten grand. And, dude, the performance. Had to say it that way to make the point. I’m not saying it will perform better than the Naim, as far as musicality is concerned. And the Naim will have that sweet house sound, but the versatility of the 3400 is really a very Big Bang for the buck.

If it’s realism you crave in your music, this piece of equipment is a one box solution that drill that kind of rivals them all in overall performance when you consider both the adaptability and the room control. I don’t know if rival is the right word, but it’s certainly up there at the very top.

@perkadin  Soul Note and LFE, and they sound good too! Some of the suggestions are just laughable when it come to sound and imaging. Not saying that of Naim. 

"Sleek" is a visual description and will be very subjective so in that area you'll just have to find something that is visually appealing to you that meets your other preferences. But as the football guy says, Mola Mola beats everything unless you want to really increase your price range. Funny how so many things supposedly sound better when they're more expensive. Silly humans and their expectation bias.

Based on your requirement, NAD Masters M33 or M66. The Naim lacks phono inpot.

While not 1 sleek box, I would spend that $15k budget on an Accuphase E-280 (add phono card or Schitt Skoll) + HiFi Rose RS-150b. If you want fully balanced, step up to Accuphase E-4000. Again, my money, but I would strongly consider grey market Accuphase.

Aavik I-280, was paired with Vivid Kaya 45s, absolutely magical pairing.....believe the Aavik was around $12,000. I would definitely audition if I could find a dealer near me.....believe they have 11 or 12 dealers in the US.

The all sound very different so it's really better to get out to hi-fi shops and test combinations with the speakers that you want to use.  That's half the fun.  With your budget you can consider separates.

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I have owned my McIntosh MA12000 almost 2 yrs now (also have a Hegel in my den). Listen to and auditioned several others in the same price point. The MA12000 is my last - and will be passed on to my kids. It was a financial stretch for me personally, but after two yrs - the best audio purchase I have made. It does everything well, very well, some exceptionally. The tube preamp side I would offer as much more than exceptional as is the connectivity for anything and everything. Built like a tank, future proof DAC/card system...currently their 2nd gen DAC. Some of the newer MC products I have listened to = more decorative than functional...but the MA12000 will be an iconic hallmark, one that Mc Labs has ever made.  Audio Excellence Canada has an in-depth review on U-tube






Aavik all day, every day but that U-300 listed is at least 5k overpriced and 3 generations old. I owned the 300 and loved it, sold me on Aavik, but 15k is about what I paid 6yrs ago. Apologies to the seller if reading this. 

Thanks everyone ! There’s a lot to digest here. I really want the video monitor so leaning towards those models. The unit will be driving a whole home audio system so there isn’t a real need for audio quality. Although I may connect my high end turntable /phono/speakers to it as well.so that may change the decision process. 

I think the unit that both meets the wow factor as a centerpiece in our gathering room and audio quality would be the Boulder 866 but it has too much depth to fit on our cabinet :(  

Get the Boulder and a Super Sawzall…..

i have a NAIM Uniti in several systems…. probably not the last word in anything…. but quite reliable w good sonics

Carry on

A Brinkmann Nyquist in combination w Integrated might fit  bill. German techno sleek…

@aj523 I have and love the Boulder 866 w/DAC.  No onboard phono.  I don’t know about sleek, but it definitely has a look that I appreciate.  It’s not particularly deep.   If it wouldn’t fit in your cabinet, I’d imagine that some of the other candidates might not either.  In any case, happy hunting. There are a lot of great options at that price point.  

Stereophile had a review of the Boulder 866 and liked it. The reviewer then compared it to the Krell K-300i he had recently reviewed. You should have look at the reviewer's opinion.

I owned the k-300i it sounds great but does not have a fancy GUI. My fancy GUI is ROON and the KRELL is ROON READY, the highest level of ROON integration. You can even adjust the volume on the KRELL with the GUI (tablet, computer, phone, etc) The volume dial is done on the KRELL and not on software of ROON.

But as the football guy says, Mola Mola beats everything unless you want to really increase your price range. Funny how so many things supposedly sound better when they’re more expensive. Silly humans and their expectation bias.

The Mola Mola Makua (a preamp I was strongly considering) and is supposed to be a neutral unit that measures amazingly. I figured I should try the Benchmark LA4 for the same result at a much cheaper price. Glad I did that.

Mola Mola Class D amps are ancient technology. These are the $16k amps I am referring too.

The DAC in the Makua was first designed around 2006, about 5 or 6 years later that DAC module became the Tambaqui DAC. Then Bruno left for Purifi.

@disc I think you’re right I thought the depth was 18.6” but it’s 16.6 so it may work.