I'm near Sacramento and want to hear your Maggies

Hello. I am in the market for a pair of Magnepan 1.7s. I have a dealer in the bay area for them but need to hear them again before I buy without driving way over there. (I'm considering rebuilding my ARC SP3 pre and trying to match it up with an appropriate amp so Nick Gowan suggests I listen again before he proceeds with the re-do.) Is there anyone in or near Sacramento who wouldn't mind demonstrating their 1.7s for me? I'll bring lunch!
Are you a member of the Sierra Nevada Audio Club in Sacramento? One of the members may have pair of 1.7s That you can listen to.

I have a Ref 3, Krell Evolution 302, and 3.7s this is a match made in heaven. My suggestion is to mate the 1.7 with a krell or bryston amplifier for the best sound (you could try a D115 as it is also a great sounding amplifer).

Another suggestion is to obtain a Krell 300iL to drive the magnepans. This will sound very very good.

Another suggestion is to send the SP3 back to ARC for the SP3C update. In this configuration the preamplifer sounds like a SP6E or SP8 Mk1
Thanks so much for your input! I'll look for the membership on their website (if they have one). And thanks for your suggestions on amps as well!