I need help choosing a budget phono stage gift

An older relative recently had an old technics turntable fixed. He is using a Rega carbon cartridge with an older pioneer integrated amp and its built-in phono stage.

I want to gift him a phono stage to help him hear more music from his system.

For $200, I keep seeing the Ifi Zen, Rega Mini A2D and the ProJect Box S2, but I can’t decide.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Go ahead and laugh. But I heard the Bozak-Madison phono preamp. It punches way above its price point. $14. NOT made in China, either. I prefer it over the Mani-2. Sometimes simple is best. 

I consider buying a sentimental gifts for him. This is good idea for a gift. Recently I gave Artblox Soundwave art gift to my friend on his birthday. He is a teenager that's why I preferred a teenager gifts. Otherwise, a good teenager smartwatch or a gaming console also works.

I would recommend the Pro-ject phono box. I have had one for the past 12 years since my second turntable is further away from the Mcintosh preamp. No issues and good value for the money. Can't go wrong with amazon. 

I really like the Zen, but I only use it for moving coils. The MM output is a bit lean for my tastes (36db), especially for my AT vm95sh, and I think that the Rega cartridge output voltage is even lower than that one.