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I need help choosing a budget phono stage gift
I would recommend the Pro-ject phono box. I have had one for the past 12 years since my second turntable is further away from the Mcintosh preamp. No issues and good value for the money. Can't go wrong with amazon.   
Tidal Streaming Issues
Why pay full retail if you have a Bestbuy membership. Less than half off retail. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tidal-hifi-music-12-month-subscription-starting-at-purchase-auto-renews... 
Considering ditching 5.1 for a soundbar; suggestions?
If you are considering a soundbar do have the Sonos 5.1 speakers system included in the mix. The playbar, with wireless subwoofer and surround speakers is great in convenience and casual movie experience. We have it in our living room and love it.... 
Replace Macbook into Oppo with Lumin T2 for streamer/DAC?
Didn't know they added Tidal Connect. Thanks for the info.  
Replace Macbook into Oppo with Lumin T2 for streamer/DAC?
Went from Mac Mini to the Lumin T2 and couldn't be happier. The SQ is quite refined and no bright in my system. I use the Roon app so didn't meddle with the Lumin app.Since I use Tidal I can't speak much about Qobuz.  
Pairing B&W 804S with Power amp
A used McIntosh tube preamp and solid state power amp will fit your budget and will also be a good match with the B&Ws.  
How long can preamp tubes last?
There was a youtube video made by Paul of PS Audio last week where he recommends changing the tubes every 6 months if not a year. The advise I have heard here suggests they usually last a very long time. Kind of different schools of thought, thoug... 
any suggestions on what to replace Bluesound Node 2i with
As a happy T2 user I would recommend the Lumin T2 especially if you are coming from a Bluesound 2i. Prior to the T2 I had the 2i. Tried using its internal DAC but was crap and then had it go into the Mytek Brooklyn Dac+. It was decent but nothing ... 
Qobuz or Tidal?
@mitch2 Its $99 for the first year and then $119 for renewals, which is lower than direct Tidal pricing. And you don't need to create a new account. I was already a Tidal subscriber and when it was time for renewal, I bought through BB. They send ... 
Qobuz or Tidal?
And if you are a BestBuy member you get a steep discount on Tidal's yearly subscription from the BB site.  
Roon nucleus & Lumin T2
Never had that issue. What I play through Roon appears on the T2's screen.  
Clearaudo Concept vs Rega P6
I had the Rega and then switched over to the Clearaudio Concept. Its much more robust. 
McIntosh MB20
Unless you absolutely need a Mac, at this price point, the Bluesound Node 2i does a lot more than just bluetooth.  
Amazon HD Lower Price
Need Roon to support Apple Music Hi-Res. 
Roon nucleus & Lumin T2
I have a Lumin T2 and Roon. The Lumin app is only needed for initial setup, after which you can literally forget about it. You operate the Lumin exclusively through the Roon app (on iPad) for playback.