I need your help


This is an odd request. I am currently writing a paper for a college course. I have sited two different Stereophile articles in my paper off of their website. While they give the volume and issue number, they do not provide the page numbers. If someone has these issues and could do me a HUGE favor it would be great. I need to know the page numbers for the following two articles:

April 2002 As We See It: The best value in audio

January 2006 As We See It: Dog legs and feet: the marginalization of high-end audio

Thank you for your help.

hey Derik, you may want to "cite" the articles, rather than "site" them. Forgive my nit-picking, but professors care about these things I think.

THANK YOU! I have many Stereophile issues already at home, but unfortunately, these were missing. This is my project thesis paper. I'm doing a feasibility study for opening a high-end audio shop...

Thanks foe the tip Bdgregory. I had corrected it initially from sighted.... hehe. Whoops.