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on the cheap
WiiM mini. Does everything, $89 on Amazon.  
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
The crown is a pro amp, designed for driving PA systems. The XLS series is class d. They will drive 2 ohms no problem. I’d still run the subs in parallel. The power at 2 ohms is 775 watts/channel. The likely reason they’re popular for subs is the ... 
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
The xls 1502 is 300 watts/channel at 8ohms, 525 watts /channel at 4 ohms. Likely more than enough power, but if you want more you can go to the xls 2002, or 2502 (375 watts and 440 watts @ 8 ohms) for a little more money. You’ll want to drive the ... 
Class D Amplifier(s) for SWARM Subwoofer System
Crown XLS 1502. You can drive 2 subs in parallel off of each channel for ~$300 used.  
Ken Fritz article
He is no different than many, many people who have a strong work ethic and are workaholics. He just happens to be obsessed with audio, rather than another vocation as others may be. It’s as @ p05129 said.  
Lowest priced MC thats better than a Premium MM?
I really like the Benz Micro Glider. Detailed, delicate, musical.  
Your Not-So-Obvious Best Fidelity LPs
Jennifer Warnes - “Famous Blue Raincoat” America - “America” Wynton Marsalis. All of his stuff   . . . for starters  
Tips on identifying manufacturers of old tube amps and receivers
Check into Audio Asylum - the vintage gear forum. There are guys there that are likely to know if you have a chassis #. It’s possible some of the guys hear would know too.  
Please recommend King Crimson albums…
Larks Tongues in Aspic.  Red.  
Scent of an Audio Store
My dad owned an audio store and took me with him to work on Saturdays. That smell caught me immediately- then he’d give me an old broken piece of gear to tinker with and I was hooked. That’s when it started. I was ~10, in the 60’s.  
Ken Fritz stereo system auction is live...
Best wishes, thanks for sharing his story.  
What was your first record?
Chicago Transit Authority I   still have it, still play it.  
Roon was a game changer for me. Prior to it, streaming was laborious, and an “oh, let me try this” option. Now it’s my preferred option, and my cd players are not being used. My cds are digitized on my server, integrated with Qobuz, and I have end... 
B & K Amplifier Repairs
Have you checked Musical Concepts ?  
Von Schweikert Research VR-3... still any good?
I had a pair - they were great, but ugly.  I don't recall the drivers for sure, but they have a 10" woofer, transmission line, 5" kevlar cone mid (I think), and silk dome tweeters - 1 front firing, and 1 rear firing. Not sure how easy they are to ...