i phone/pad streaming

I want to stream from an I phone or I pad , is it possible ?  I have tidal and amazon music now and go to split rca's into the integrated imputs. I can not get the proper cord to use the dac's. Should I just get a server ,or is there some type of interface  that would work ?  I have been holding off for years but space limits my ability for new records and cd's . Have 3000 plus records and 2000 cd's , wife says that's it. Don't need the absolute 'best" , just curious if any improvement can be had ?


Manley Stingray II

Micromega MyDac

Emotiva CD player

Thornes TD 125 MK II , Grado Gold , Lounge Audio lcr mk II

Spacial Audio M5's

Peachtree  Nova

You need the camera adapter cable in order to get USB out for connection to DAC. Apple makes 2 versions of the cable. One just gives you USB out, the other version adds a lightning port so you can charge your device while streaming. 
OMG, dude, you need to get with the modern program....;-)

DO NOT use cables from your Apple products.

Get a streamer like a Bluesound and hook the Bluesound to your DAC.
Do you have a relable WiFi signal?

If not, then use Bluetooth.
You can also use the headset/earbud output by using a minijack to stereo RCA adaptor cable.  
This might be sacrilege here, but depending on your needs, the Sonos Port works great. Simply Airplay, use the Sonos app, whatever. Has both Coax and Line Level output. I don't "critically listen" when I'm streaming, so it is more for background and entertainment. Works a charm. I use Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon HD. I used to use Qobuz but prefer the previous platforms overall.