i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas

i like a dull, veiled, laid,back, boring sound capable of putting me to sleep. i hate treble and i don't like detail. i like subtractive coloration to such an extent that all recordings sound the same. you can talk about detail, neutrality all day long.
if you don't tap your foot, it doesn't matter.

i want to relax, not bothered by detail or dynamics. veil the sound and cut off the highs. darkness and dullsville is my motto, by choice. thick caramel syrup makes me happy.
I'm glad to read some constructive posts aimed at helping out Mr. Tennis. I happen to know this person and can assure you he is sincere. BTW, he does own a very nice turntable with a Grado cartridge.
>>"BTW, he does own a very nice turntable with a Grado cartridge."<<

Well, imho, that would rule out my suggestion of using Mullard tubes in his preamp. The combo of the warm sounding Grado cart and the Mullard tubes would be so soothing he might fall asleep.....

Still might be worth the effort to try the Mullard tube in his CDP.

Mrtennis, the reason I asked your age was because of what I perceived you were trying to say in your thread. I am glad to hear I am not the only one out there who finds harsh bright high pitch sounds hurts my ears. I guess it is all part of the aging process.
Cruz, the problem with blankets (I've tried) is they might work great for the midrange, but they'd be too heavy for the for the treble and to light for the bass. I tried some blankets that were alpaca & cotton blends and they tended too wooly on the bass.

Natural fibers like silk worked to the treble, but did nothing to caramelize the midrange. Once when i was caramelizing some onions I used butter, so I spread butter on the midrange of my MBL speakers. This did not solve the problem, so I sold them here on AudiogoN The buyer told me they had a very liquid midrange, but I was going for caramel.

As it turned out heavy rayon worked for the midrange, but Cashmere was the only thing to do the trick for the bass. It has to be three ply cashmere though, Landsend and other cheap stuff will not do the trick.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't work, I would still suggest getting some crappy cables to make the CDP sound it's worst. I suggest a DIY CAT 5 if you really want something rolled off, dull and lifeless. I know those characteristics are not really caramel colored, but you might have to make do, with what you can get!

Best of luck!
You have to love them blankets. Sometime ago I recall a preamp shipped to me wrapped up in a dirty blanket, it arrived in perfect condition. I'm hoping on my next audio purchase to receive a set of king size sheets. Anyway it could be that sheets are the ticket as opposed to blankets for the desired sound as they may be slightly more neutral.

Mrtennis in all due respect it would of been far better to ask opinions on a warmer sounding CD player rather your intial choice of words. My first reaction to your thread was that this was either a troll or you were just being funny which in turn diminished your sincerity in my opinion. I can say one thing for sure, with all prejudice set aside, this has been a very entertaining thread & could be that some of us have misunderstood your true intentions.
phd, i thank you for your understanding.

at this point let me try to put things into context.

i have listened to many components which have been described as warm sounding , balanced, not irritating, etc.

i have been to 12 CES shows, numerous stereophile shows in NYC and i have been a member of an audio club for 20 years.

i admit that my preference is quite different than most "audiophiles".

i felt that in order to attain a sense of an organic full bodied sound, i would ask for suggestions for a "dull" presentation, figuring that if i found acd player with that attribute, i could live with it.

i also admit that i have not considered the sensibilities of other people and could have worded my request differently.

i suppose i came accross as provocative and challenging the way others like to listen to music.

so, i have been duly chastened and perhaps deserved some of the criticism.

i apologize to those whom i offended.

i have been speaking to scott nixon about modifying his tube dac to soften it a little, and hopefully that will come to pass.

i have the CAL Alpha and Delta and have been using NOS tubes. it's not a bad combination.

i found a line cord by DCCA audio which i like, which is on the warm side and hopefully with a little tweaking, can realize a sound that comes close to my Audionote CD2 with a GE 5751 black plate.

again, thanks for your understanding.

all of these postings have taught me a valuable lesson in life--don't be a bull in achina shop.