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Your top 3 worst purchases ever
I no longer care. That's how unimportant this " hobby" has become to me. 
Phillips no longer producing transports
Phillips Pro transport mechanisms are serviceable and can be easily reconditioned to perform as new. Typically only two parts "fail", the spindle motor or laser assembly. ARC is therefore well situated to meet any transport repairs well into the f... 
Top resistors
How are you determining the directionality of a resistor? I have never heard of anyone doing this. Please explain in detail. As far as I know, resistor are non- directional. 
How much to replace a new laser on the Denon 3910?
Buying a used working machine is your best option. All you have to do is swap the entire transport mechanism from one machine to another. Very simple to do if you have basic DIY skills. Replacing a laser on an existing transport is more difficult ... 
Does it matter which component I power up first?
Amplifier on last off first. 
Can anyone explain cable risers?
I once had a flood of water in my basement listening room. This was in the middle of winter and a freak warm front melted about a foot of snow in a few hours. My speaker cables at the time got soaked. So since that time I use cable elevators. Now ... 
Top resistors
Tweaker, the S102C (non nude) shows its weakness when compared to the TC TX2575. I suggest you re-read what I wrote and do the experiment for yourself. Taking cheap shots at other posters just shows your insecurities. 
My new apartment has no 3 prong plugs with ground
You can not replace an ungrounded two prong outlet with a 3 prong outlet without running a new 3 wire grounded cable. This would not meet electrical code and is a potential hazard . 
Pure silver wire: solid, stranded or Litz wire?
I buy the blue teflon insulated Neotech solid core OCC silver from Sonic Craft in either 28g or 30g. I also buy UP-OCC bare solid core silver from a popular e-bay seller claimed to be sourced from Neotech. I have pulled the Sonic Craft Neotech sou... 
Pure silver wire: solid, stranded or Litz wire?
"the wire is stranded"The OCC Silver wire is actually solid core. 
Do Cable Makers Know Their Own Products?
"Neutral" in the context of audio to me always meant that a stereo system is capable of reproducing the sound of a recording without altering it. How one actually knows the sound of a recording is another story! LOL 
Disadvantages of OP amps in output stage of CD?
Disadvantage- loss of transparency (as compared to a well executed discrete output) and coloration of sound either north or south of neutral.. IMEAdvantage- ability to color the sound by rolling op-amp to suit your taste. 
Cap life span?
When talk of replacing electrolytic caps comes up on this and other forums. Most people are concerned with the larger can style caps found in amps and preamps. Overlooked are the dozens of small value electrolytic caps such as those found in cd pl... 
EE Minimax Plus DAC vs. Rega DAC
Just wanted to pass along my enthusiasm for a particular op amp. The Analog Devices AD8597 (single) AD8599 (dual). These op amps perform exceptionally in every piece of gear I've tried them in. They should work equally well in the EE. 
Differential from source to pre but not amp?
"RischaAh, thank you, this is exactly what I'm wondering. So, with this in mind, I might as well save some scratch and go with the less expensive preamp."Right, so just stick with single ended all the way thru with your solid state system.Intercon...