I want to replace the router/modem Comcast with a high quality for streaming

I wish to purchase a modem/ router for streaming high quality audio. Any suggestions? It must be compatible with Comcast/Xfinity


Internet service certainly varies and customer services is a thing of the past. That being said, my G3100 Modem delivers over 800 mps with my Verizon gigabit service.  I run it with a good linear power supply and have no wall warts in my computer audio circuit.

But to clean up the signal for very good audio. I now have the GTT Group Switch X.  Like several others, it is a good audiophile ethernet switch that cleans up the signal.  But the Switch X goes beyond this creating a clean network in your home, that only serves audio.  It works very well, and delivers, to me. a sound superior than any other switch alone I have owned or tried.

After inserting the Switch X between my Verizon modem and my audio feed, the soundstage and imaging greatly improve. I am hearing things well outside my speakers.  The image is super focused, and the sound more holographic.  Bass is better.  It is the real deal.  There is a ton of network noise in your home,  Your phones, laptops, tvs, smart appliances security etc all constantly ping the network.  Getting your audio feed clean from this is what the Switch X does.

Taiko does a similar thing with their Modem and their switch, and recommends them in front of their Extreme server.  Chris' (GTT) Switch X is a bargain.

Yeah, as @fastfreight mentioned you’re probably better off trying a good switch between your router and system and not deal with cable modem issues/support — who needs that potential hot mess?  Also agree with others who mentioned using Mesh or a Wi-Fi extender rather than running Ethernet cables through walls.  Best of luck.

I recently upgraded my modem router and am very happy with the performance.

The modem is:

Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem | Pairs with Any WiFi Router | Approved for Comcast Xfinity, Cox Gigablast, Spectrum | 2.5 Gbps Port | 2500 Mbps Max Internet Speeds


And the router:


TP-Link AX3000 WiFi 6 Router – 802.11ax Wireless, Gigabit, Dual Band Internet, VPN Router, OneMesh Compatible


Total cost for both was $340 from Amazon and getting download speeds of 230+ mbps here. Sorry for the massive type on my copy/paste not sure how to reduce the font.

I've been having internet issues for the past year.  My sound system is hardwried using an audiophile switch and I have little to no problem with it.  but elsewhere in the house wireless has been bad.  I've upgraded my mesh system twice, first to a nigh quality TP-Link mesh and then to an eero because so many friends said they had no problems with it.  Finally I called my cable company  (spectrum).  I have to say I had the best customer service I've had for a while.  A real person answered the phone and scheduled an appointment the next day.  The tech seemed to be very competent.  He replaced the cable from the street to the house and the modem.  Immediately I confirmed that I had no problems.  Life was good.  

Then 2 weeks later I start having the same problems.  I'm thinking the modems they are using aren't great.  Looking at the label on them they are house brand.

So I'm following this thread and if someone recommends a modem I may buy one.