I want to replace the router/modem Comcast with a high quality for streaming

I wish to purchase a modem/ router for streaming high quality audio. Any suggestions? It must be compatible with Comcast/Xfinity


@lalitk Yep, that is what I had to do.  I've done that every since I had roon but I thought that with a modem with 2 ports I might be able to eliminate one cable and one connection....but I think the modem has 2 parallel 1 Gig systems as opposed to 2 ports into the same system.  I've never gotten around to buy a nice cable to go from the modem to the router so I'll order one today.




Jerry…I am using 50FT LinkUp Cat 8 - 22AWG LAN cable from Amazon. The 22AWG version is pretty stiff so no sharp bends. The 26AWG version is more flexible. 

Sure. The fundamental improvement it offers when compared to the other routers I auditioned is a very significant reduction in the noise floor. I hear all of the musical benefits one would expect from a darker background: deeper and more realistic bass, more natural expression of note overtones and decay, better presentation of spatial cues and more “natural” location of instruments in the soundscape, and I hear more deeply into music to discover things I’d not heard before.

For reference, my digital path:

router - generic cat-8 - etherregen - DHLabs eth cable - Aurender N200 - Von Gaylord Legend SPDIF & DHlabs USB - Devialet Expert Pro - Reference 3A MM de Capo BE



"I have taken a single feed from my Comcast modem to my switch which then feeds my three connected devices (DAC, Streamer and Content Server)." 

That is exactly what works for me.  The server is connected to the switch as are two separate Roon endpoints and it all works flawlessly. 

"The 22AWG version is pretty stiff so no sharp bends. The 26AWG version is more flexible."

I too took your advice about the LinkUp Cat 8 cable and use the stiffer 22AWG for runs of 1M or over (the shortest length they sell is 1M), while using very short runs of the more flexible 26AWG to connect switches to peripherals like FMCs.  Regardless of which of the two gauges, those seem to be very well-made CAT cables and particularly the connectors, which appear to be very similar to the well-regarded Telegartner connectors.