Ice1000 ASP technical question

In the PDF with tech specs here

it says on page 10

"Damping Factor
...The three curves relate to the different curves of the output impedance."

That last sentence makes no sense to me, and there are three vastly different curves under the sentence. The three colors are used nearby to indicate different Ohm levels, but this is a 4 ohm chart. The values are very very different! (for the three curves I mean)

Does anyone know what the three curves are? I need to know the damping factor, and can't figure it out from this - at 4 ohms.
Looks like the statement about "different curves of the output impedance" refers to the definitions on the preceding page (page 9), where output impedance measurements are indicated.

The red curve is apparently measured at some internal point on the pc board; the green curve is apparently measured at terminals connecting the pc board to the "application connector"; and the blue curve is apparently measured at banana plugs on the other side of the application connector.

So I would think that you would want to use the worst case (blue) curve.

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They try to show effect of 2x and 4x lower speaker impedance - so for 4 ohm speaker two other traces are 2ohm and 1ohm. Not only that 1000ASP is not rated for 1ohm but traces should not meet at 1kHz since it is always ratio of speaker impedance to output impedance. IMHO they screwed it up. It is done properly on 200ASC datasheet page 14

I would just ignore two other curves and use uppermost one (red) on 4 ohm chart.