Identifying Blue Note

Can anyone help me with identifying Blue Note "Deep Groove" records? According to the Goldmine Jazz Price Guide, the circumference of the label groove is about the size of a half dollar. According to another Blue Note labelography site at
it is about 1.25 inches from the center hole. I recently purchased an LP from "Recycled Music" which was expensive and represented as a deep groove (BST 4008 Horace Silver - Finger Poppin'). It has the groove 1.25 inches from the hole but this is certainly much bigger than a half dollar and all my Blue Note LP's have that, even reissues. It just has "New York USA" on the label. No street address. Wouldn't the deep groove have the Lexington Ave address?
Hello, I suggest that this album was first released in 1959 with a deep groove. The address was w 63rd st NY. The second pressing was released in 1963 with the ny address. The goldmine price guide to jazz has an adequate discography section. The deep groove is described as " approximately the size of a 50 cent piece". Hope this helps.