Need help identifying these cool speakers?

Saw these speakers in a Cole Haan clothing catalog, and I thought someone here might be able to ID them. See them on their site:

See can see a bit more of them in the video. I thought they look very interesting. Where is the tweeter?

Thanks guys,

When the page loads, it just has images to the right that you can click on.....which one leads you to the speakers that you mention ?
I assume it is the video when you click on the girl on the skateboard. Answer: I don't know.
I guess advertising must work if someone sees a speaker in a shoe advertisement and is willing to hunt it down.

Maybe there is a package deal, amp, speakers, tt, and shoes.
This was driving me crazy so I researched more images.

The image shows a cherry wood veneer smilar to Charo Loudspeakers from
Italy. But I think they do look like Moth Cicada's based on the Logo which is
hard to see in the picture and the port design at the bottom. Another clue is
the smallish tube amp which goes well with Moth Cicada's.

Moth Audio is English speaker but I don't think they are in production. Here
is another picture of the speakers:
Great catch about the possibility that they are Moth Cicada's.

I extracted a still from the video, did some processing on it to enhance the brightness and contrast, and I found that the design of the port near the bottom (which I thought was a logo before I did the enhancements) appears to be absolutely identical to the one on the Moth. The only differences appear to be that the moth symbol under the driver is missing on her speakers, and the wood finish is obviously different.

-- Al

Sorry guys but I had trouble with the HTML tag.

If you want to see the image just go to and search on Moth Audio Cicada Speakers.
Holy crap. That's my living room. And yes those are Moth Cicada's in a custom finish. Ha! Just poking around here for the first time in years and look what pops up. Ok mystery over.