If you had to completely replace your collection..

My buddy's music collection was completely wiped out when his house was robbed. I asked him what selection he replaced first and was surprised to hear his answer: HSAS- Through the Fire (Hagar/Schon/Aaronson/Shrieve) from 1984. So, if ALL of your music was taken away, what is the first selection you would replace? I would be lost and would need counseling. But, I believe that after therapy I would seek out Gary Myrick's Waltz of the Scarecrow King.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
The first one I'd get would be the soundtrack from "Natural Born Killers" to get me tuned up for hunting down the culprit that had the VERY bad judgment to steal from me. Up here in the woods of Tennessee, we still do things the old fashioned way. Not much stealing going on with every house equipped with a double barrel shotgun and owners that have a very low opinion of thieves. Generally called 2-legged varmint huntin'. Makes for a much more crime-free environment.
Assuming the insurance payment came through, I'd replace about 75% fairly directly, with the 25% I didn't replace being that which I'll probably never listen to again anyway. I have a complete record of all the CDs I own, so it wouldn't be too time consuming to do.

More to the spirit of the question, while waiting on the insurance check, I'd run out and get copies of my CDs by Tool, Galactic, Al DiMeola, Counting Crows, Gary Moore, John Scofield and Matthew Sweet - some of my favorites across several different styles to tide me over. -Kirk

Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College which is a double cd, and guaranteed to lift the depression for at least a couple of hours
Since I am mostly an LP guy, I would call Classic Records, Acoustic Sounds and then visit EBAY and Half Price records and begin replacing what was lost.

As to artists, whatever I managed to find first. I would eventually want everything replaced, or at least as much as possible. Some items in my library are nearly irreplaceable.
I have been collecting music since the late 1950's, started with 45s, moved to lps, reel to reel, cds and back to lps. I don't think I would have the heart or energy to replace 40 years of collecting. I guess I would just buy a cheap radio and enjoy the music.