If you loved the Bricasti Design room at Axpona take a look at the M15 amplifier

I thought one of the top three rooms at the Axpona last weekend was the Bricasti Design suite.  I have reviewed the new M15 single chassis amplifier, retails for $12,000, for hometheaterreview.com, which was my last review for them, it will give you all the details why this is a great amplifier.  If you want a level of performance which comes very close to their M28 mono-blocks which cost $30,000 a pair, you might be very interested in this single chassis amplifier. 
Agree the Bricasti room was tonality spot on, one of my top 3 or 4 rooms. If you just walked in you would not have been wowed but if you sat down for 10 minutes you knew it was special. I think it is the Bricasti DAC’s. 
Hey rsf507,

It's not just the reference level DACs, their M-28 mono-blocks are wonderful amplifiers too.  Brian and Damon also know how to setup their room so it allows shines from show to show.  
I heard the M-28 monos driven by a non Bricasti DAC/Pre front end. They sounded fantastic on their own. I'd go as far as saying they are really very special amps. 
imo:also heard the Bricasti room at Axpona. it was good, but preferred the Coda No.8 amp/TAD speaker room. it was at least equal in sound or better for less! 


how does the Coda No.8 amp compare to the Bricasti M15?   
Hey roadwarrier75,

With good cheer, we "agree to disagree" regarding which room was the best!

However, regarding how the Coda No.8 compares to the Bricasti M15 is a great question, indeed. As you know I have reviewed both of them and have had them for a quite awhile in house.  They are both totally grain-less, very musical, and will drive virtually any load.  The Coda No.8 is very silky, yet very close to being dead neutral in its tonality.  The Bricasti M15 is very slightly warmer in tone, and a tiny bit "fuller" sounding. Think slightly silky or slightly velvety in texture. 

I strongly believe you better drive both amplifiers with quality sources and line-stages, otherwise you will hear the shortcomings very easily of your upstream gear.

They are both beautifully built wonderful amplifiers.  The Coda No.8 is half the price, so it's even a less expensive way to get to a world class reference level of performance.  If price is not the deciding factor, it would come down to personal taste and system synergy. They are both great.

If you live in the Chicago land area, Mike Kay of Audio Archon is the local dealer for both Coda and Bricasti. You could setup an audition to see which you might prefer based on your taste.   
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thanks for all the info!

my current setup is the Threshold S/350e amp with Tekton Electron SE's   and a LTA MZ2 Preamp.

was looking to add a newer amp to the stable and really  liked the Coda No.8 amp and maybe will check out the Bricasti M15.  thanks for the heads up on a dealer who carries both brands.
@roadwarrior75 can you describe the components in that TAD room? Was it the TAD ME1?

the system included the Coda No. 8 amp and TAD Evolution E1TX-K speakers and Audience cables/PC and don’t remember the digital setup and a turntable

imo: it produced a lovely sound with good bass and presence/soundstage, i found the Bricasti room good, but the sound was not as "lively" as the Coda room .the Bricasti guys played mostly Classical music unlike the TAD/Coda played just about everything.