Improving Comcast modem signal

Our internet service is Xfinity/Comcast or Verizon. Currently I have Comcast service and use their modem because I had trouble with Netgear modem compatibility with Comcast. The problem is that the Comcast modem doesn’t allow LPS. I don’t know about the Verizon modem. So, for people with modem tweaking experience, any suggestions that will make a notable improvement?

The modem is connected via house Ethernet cable to EtherRegen in my listening room, which is connected to Lumin X1 streamer via fiber optic listening room.


@chungjh   You mention your issue with Comcast is that you have to constantly reset your modem?  What is your normal ethernet speed with the Netgear modem and what version of docsis is it ?  I had a similar issue with a Motorola modem until i updated my modem to docsis 3.0 and i just bought a new Arris T25 (docsis 3.1) b/c i have a gigabit plan and i'm only getting 500mbps on ethernet. Do you also use Comcast phone ?  If so and you purchase a modem make sure you get one with the phone jack(s).  i had the Xfinity/comcast router for a long time but got tired of the rental fee--never had any problems with the currrent Arris router and don't expect to with the new one.

My ethernet speed is 25-125 mbps. I am using an old Apple router with Comcast rental modem. 5 years ago, I bought a Netgear modem (I don't remember the model)  to replace the rental modem and it never gave me wifi signal, so I went back to Comcast. I don't use Comcast landline phone. I am going to try to get a new modem. Do you like Arris > Netgear?

I just replaced my Comcast provided modem with a Netgear CV1000, which is a docsis 3.1 model. I'm continuing to use my own separate Netgear router. Connected to the latter with Supra Ethernet cable is a Google mesh network with a total of 3 access points. 

Before swapping out the Comcast unit, I checked the speed: 290 Mbps (I pay for 300). After replacement with the Netgear unit, my speed is 90 Mbps. Still fast enough for 4k streaming, but certainly a lot slower than it was. Funny thing is, my signal strength is very good, somewhat better than before. I had to have Comcast CS assist with getting the new modem online, ran into a hard stop with their app. Wondering if another call to them could improve my speed...


Anybody come up with an LPS for the latest Xfinity cable modem? I bought an iFI DC purifier but it did not have proper adapters with it. Would really like to try a LPS if anybody knows of a fit. 

I will say this 5 years ago I purchases a wireless gateway from Motorola and it's worked just fine and still does. Looking back at that point at 15 years of rental fees it was the only choice to make.