In Love with your NAIM dealer (usa)

bought my Uniti-Serve from a dealer many miles away when we lived in Charleston, SC....turns out that dealer was computer clueless... ( like me )
Many years and travails later I am looking to get a Uniti Core w ssd..for a vacation place... but Stereo Design the local dealer in San Diego is now defunct...

not looking to change gears as I have some 3 K cds ripped into the NAS and the Core can make sense of wav metadata....

so recommend a great NAIM dealer who will actually support the product.....

Dealers will advise you to call the distributor Audio Plus. They seem to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Not sure many dealers can get into the weeds. 
Tomic we sell the Naim products as well as many other servers, the Innious servers are very good and have a few advantages over the Naim servers if you want to try Roon in the future

The new Uniti Core actually sounds better then the older Unitiserve.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Dave & Troy: thanks i run ROON on a laptop today for Tidal, etc, with a linear PSU for the Uniti

i will call you

4425 yes they are good and finally got backup working again.....