In the course of audible events

In an average week I listen to roughly 70% of my music at home, 20% in the car, and 10% at work. Varying degrees of audio excellence, but that doesn't bother me. And genre is becoming less important as well. I am still committed to improving the sound but harder and harder to not have some tunes playing. Something I would have never predicted 10-30 years ago. 
I have tunes playing pretty much constantly at home working or not or in the car. I don't really watch TV and find silence unnerving.
I like having music playing most of the time. More than my wife does. She is perfectly happy reading in silence for hours.

We don't watch much TV or many movies.

Read a lot, usually with music playing.

However, I'm okay with silence. I hunt a lot. Rarely shoot. Its mostly for the quiet and introspection.