Indoor FM Antenna Recommendations??

I'm looking for advice on indoor FM antennas. I recently got a Magnum Dynalab tuner and I want to enjoy its great sound. Unfortunately I cannot use a roof or attic mount type. If anyone can recommend specific models or brand sthat would be great. Thanks for the advice. Tha Mailman
I use and have used the following with results by listing. I also have the Magnum tuner. Magnum Silver Ribbon Bic beam box fm10 Magnum ST-2 I have been looking at a Godar which is similiar to the Bic
I use the uhf/vhf tv antenna, already on the roof.Where I live, ALL the tv, and most all the FM stations are east of me. No indoor play with,and no added expense.I get 35 clear as a bell stations.That is about 30 more than I listen to.
I just hooked up a Magnum Etude and tried the ST-2 antenna, also by Magnum. I live in southwest North Carolina, some 65 miles due north of Athens Ga. and get a much better (cleaner) sig with a simple folded dipole! Go figure.
Do you have cable TV? Some cables systems have FM in the feed and they do not even tell anyone. You would get lots of stations from all over with perfect signals.