Innuos PULSE Mini?

any impressions on this unit?

appears to be a solid step into that streamer space above bluesound and the other popular entry level units



I haven’t seen too many first hand reports from users of the PulseMini.

Are there any ppl here who have been happy with this entry streamer from Innuos.

I mentioned before that I’d like to upgrade my Ifi Zen Stream with LPS to the PulseMini… but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I’d do this not only for the SQ but also the Innuos ecosystem and Sense app.

Would love to hear more first hand reports from users



I have had the pulse mini since January, and the zen lspu since February. Came from using heos off a Marantz sr5015. Two different animals, by far one of the best investments to date. Extremely easy setup, even the most luddite of us had no problems. No complaints about the sense app, not as colorful as a spotify app but it's a good workhorse. As you  may have noticed i started out with the mini, and that was a noticable difference. Then got the lspu, and oh boy we was cookin now! If you can, get them both together, if not the double upgrade will be a pleasant event. Good luck in the trigger pulling. 

I am also using the PulseMini and powering it with a Keces P3 LPS.  It is feeding a Denafrips Iris and out via I2S to a Pontus II.  Great digital front end for the money, especially using the Sense App as has been noted all over the forum.  I was using a Roon Nucleus powered by the P3 and running Roon but the Sense app's sound quality through the PulseMini was a major and obvious improvement. 

Thanks for the feedback @tom2441 ​​@gkelly 

Planning to pick one of these up in May after I move a couple of pieces I need to get out of the house.

I think it's a natural step up from something like a Zen Stream or a Node without jumping into the $2750-$3250 territory.

I'm also feeding a Denafrips Iris from my Zen Stream but wasn't really sure if it would be necessary with the Pulse Mini.  @tom2441 Have you tested the setup without the Iris?

I do go out of the Iris coax rather than i2s since I'm using a Border Patrol se-i dac.

I'm planning on purchasing the unit without the Zen mini power supply and upgrading a bit later.  From what I understand, Innuos is releasing a matching LPS for the PulseMini eventually.

@j_andrews I haven't but might be interesting.  For that matter, I haven't tried the PulseMini DAC to compare to the Pontus II.  I'll have to try it both ways one of these days.