Innuos PULSE Mini?

any impressions on this unit?

appears to be a solid step into that streamer space above bluesound and the other popular entry level units



I do not believe they are shipping yet! I got my eye on a Pulsar and word is that they will not ship until December.

I have a Zen 3 mk2. $2,200 new. Streams, rips, stores.

How much are the new models?

I have a Zen 3 mk2. $2,200 new. Streams, rips, stores.

How much are the new models?

they posted all the prices on their site

upon further review, the mini does not seem very well equipped and will likely need a power supply



We're a Canadian dealer and just got our first one recently. It is a very noticeable step up from the current crop of popular entry level streamers. I'd say this is a piece where really high end streaming starts. We haven't tried it using its internal DAC, but have been using USB out to another DAC. 

It will most likely be considered a class leader at this price point even with its included power supply. An optional linear power supply for it will come later, but we don't have more info on that yet. 

It's very open and with a greater sense of ease versus the more entry level competition. It provides excellent detail level but in a relaxed manner with lack of grain. 

@everest_audio Thank you for chiming in! I've always been very impressed with Innuos products, EXCEPT for the Zen Mini (with or without their internal dac). I didn't find it special and almost struck off Innuos from consideration. I later bought the Zenith MK3 and absolutely love it.

I think their target market includes customers who usually buy BS Node but want something a little better and willing to pay a bit more but not too much more. That's the only reason (i.e. competing with Node) they have included a DAC.

I really hope it is a (vast) improvement over Zen Mini. Otherwise, what's the point!

Just to clarify, when I said “their target market …” I was referring to the Pulse Mini and not the company 

Based on memory, this is definitely a nice step up from the Zen Mini. But, it is much more simplified without having storage, a CD ripper or the Roon core capabilities of the Zen Mini. 

There definitely is a market for the next step up from the entry level streamers at a reasonable price point and this could be ideal for many. 

I think having a separate line (Pulse) is a very smart idea. In addition to having the Zen line. For those who don't need a server or storage (don't use Roon, don't have local library). Keeps the cost down, focuses on streaming only, and does the (streaming) job. For those with a Zen (or Zennith, etc.), then of course, a Pulse is not needed. But if I were new on the market looking for a streamer alone, with no server, I would definitely be looking at the Pulse line.

I want to believe in this unit but damn do the specs seem sparse

on paper it looks like the next level up is the true first step into higher end streaming


@audiocanada I'm waiting for the full specs to come out from Innuos so I can update our site. However, I'm not concerned about the specs themselves. I'm just going on what I hear so far with the PULSEmini and I'm very impressed. This doesn't sound like an entry-level streamer by any means. Even though there will be two higher models in this series, that won't take away anything from the quality this piece provides. I use the ZEN MK3 daily and haven't compared the two, but based on the early experience so far with the PULSEmini, I'll be replacing the ZEN Mk3 with the PULSE when it becomes available. Of course though, you'd lose the ripper, storage and Roon core capabilities. But, I can use an alternate Roon core and already have a NAS, so I can go that route.

PULSEmini may be our entry-level network music player, but how it sounds makes clear you’re listening to something special. Following on the design of our acclaimed ZEN Series, the PULSEmini features a chassis with a front panel bead-blasted and anodised from the best grade aluminium for a perfect finish. Mynordstrom

The Innuos Pulse series sounds quite interesting. Two additional models on the way, when? Intriguing development. There are those who seek a simple music streamer with high sound quality capabilities and do not need/require a music server. This is a wise move by Innuos. I hope they include coaxial output (RCA SPDIF/AES-EBU) and not limited to USB.


Oops! Just saw that Pulse product information is posted on the Innuos site. The middle model Pulse is very interesting to me but lacks RCA connectivity. I sspect this Pulse is a very fine sounding streamer.


@charles1dad  The PULSEmini has coaxial and toslink digital outputs in addition to USB. The PULSE, which is still to come sometime in 2023, is supposed to have an AES/EBU digital output, but there will be no internal DAC, so no RCA outputs. I'm not sure if they'll keep the coax and toslink or not.


Thank you. This Pulse series has captured my attention so I was able to find additional information regarding them. High quality network player is exactly what I am seeking rather than a “music server “. My new DAC (Currently under construction) is an intentionally minimalist design with SPDIF input only.

A network player with a SPDIF output would be ideal for me. Based on what I have been able to learn thus far, either the Pulse mini with optional LPS or the Pulse with onboard LPS is what I want. Of course I wonder what the sound quality gap between them may be. To be determined at some point.

My Pro-Ject RS2T CD transport is yielding superb sound spinning discs. I’m seeking a similar level result when streaming Tidal/Qobuz/internet radio. I think that perhaps the Innuos may satisfy this desire.



@charles1dad  The PULSEmini may be the best option as I'm not sure if the PULSE will have coaxial digital output. I'm also excited to see what will be coming out for a linear power supply to match the Mini.


Yep! I’ve thought about that. If I determine the Pulse is for me I’ll have a hybrid cable made (XLR at output and RCA at the input. The Pulse seems to have a power supply with much thought and attention applied to it. Good power supplies are crucial in my opinion.

If you get the opportunity to compare the two network players I am interested in your listening impressions.


@charles1dad  I saw a picture of what will be the final version of the PULSE and it will have a coaxial output.


Thank you for the update. This network player is on my short list of units to consider purchasing.


I’m planning to trade my ifi zen stream to the pulse mini when it’s more available. 
currently using the zen stream with a 12V linear supply from LHY, a better 2.1mm DC power cable and a curious USB cable into my Denafrips Iris and it’s pretty great. 
I would hope that the pulse mini would top this combination. 
not sure I could use my existing linear power supply on the Pulse mini or not.  I only stream at this point … and don’t use roon.  One of the deciding factors for me is the Sense app.


@j_andrews I am curious what is a better 2.1mm DC power cable? 

It is 12v DC low voltage and should be fairly clean. 


The cable is from Ghent audio

I only purchased it because I wanted a longer DC cable since I like to keep my LHY 12V supply on the floor behind the cabinet my stereo is on. 
I ended up with a 5 foot cable.

Is there an audible difference between the short DC cable that came with my power supply? I don’t know, probably not.

My Pro-Ject RS2T CD transport is yielding superb sound spinning discs. I’m seeking a similar level result when streaming Tidal/Qobuz/internet radio. I think that perhaps the Innuos may satisfy this desire.

@charles1dad Let me maybe give you another option perhaps you might’ve not even considered for a reason you might not have even thought of. You clearly have a great CD transport that undoubtedly sounds great. As I embraced streaming a few years ago there’s a compelling reason you might still wanna consider getting an Innuos Zen Mk3 with onboard storage you can load your CDs directly into over a Pulse model. I know you’ve got an open mind so just try to stick with me on this if you could. So, when you start streaming with a good streamer and other associated equipment the sound quality might well surprise you and be not a whole lot different from your CD transport. What happened to me was that sound quality was so surprisingly good streaming, the act of getting up off my arse to spin one CD started to become absurd to me when I could have not only the world of streaming music at my fingertips but also all the other music in my library that might not be available thru streaming. So, once I got started streaming I just don’t spin individual CDs anymore cause I can get almost anything I want over Qobuz and in any order I want when I make playlists. That has a ton of value, and if, like me, you’ve got a bunch of “audiophile-type” or other rare CDs that’ll probably never make it to streaming you can simply rip them into the Innuos Zen Mk3 and have absolutely all your music available from your chair in very high quality in absolutely any order you want. If most of your music is already available on Qobuz I’d say go with the Pulse especially if one of the models has any performance advantages over the Zen But if there’s any allure of having ALL your music in one place I’d say consider the Zen. And, sometimes you just might feel lazy and be perfectly fine with the SQ of the Zen versus your transport and just wanna have the flexibility to say “screw it,’ I’m just gonna sit in my listening chair with a nice Cab and just enjoy all my music and/or curated playlists.

Two things here — with the Zen you’d always have the option to leave your ass in the chair, but if the SQ difference is giving you the itch to spin a CD you’ve still got the option to do that as well. IMHO it’s just always nice to have the flexibility. But, here’s my real question — why, if you’re going to the bother having a DAC constructed, are you only getting an SPDIF input when you have both i2S and AES/EBU outputs available on your transport. Sorry, I guess you have your reasons but it makes little sense to me. Just can’t wrap my head around that one at all.



But, here’s my real question — why, if you’re going to the bother having a DAC constructed, are you only getting an SPDIF input when you have both i2S and AES/EBU outputs available on your transport. Sorry, I guess you have your reasons but it makes little sense to me. Just can’t wrap my head around that one at all


Thank you for your comments and perspective.

With regard to digital input options (IS2/USB/AES/SPDIF) I don’t find one “inherently “ superior to the others in actual use. The key determinant for sound quality is the level of implementation. Poor implementation =poor sound. Excellent implementation =excellent sound.

The builder of my DAC (Abbas Zulfugarov) is in Ukraine and has been building custom components for about 25 years. He primarily designs and builds DACs, phono stages and SET amplifiers on a commission basis. Mine is the Abbas 3.2SE model.

He is a devout advocate of simple straightforward circuits with very high quality parts. He puts a lot of work into the SPDIF receiver input and its separate power supply and rectification. At this point in time it has been highly refined and developed. So the implementation is exceptionally high. Feedback from Abbas DAC owners (Long thread on WBF) back this up resoundingly.

I am very comfortable with his choice also because my current Japanese built DAC used the same rationale. Simplicity + high level execution yields excellent results. This has certainly been true with my Yamamoto YDA DAC. Wonderful sound quality. If my suspicion is correct, as good as the Yamamoto is (Over 12 years ownership) the Abbas will take things a step further. I will find out for myself soon.


Just  as some folks enjoy handling and listening to LP records, I am that way with CD. I enjoy the experience and the Pro-Ject RS2T and Yamamoto combo sound simply splendid!  CD spinning and streaming will coexist beautifully in my audio system I believe. My CD collection is arranged alphabetically on shelves behind my couch. I don’t mind getting up for a few seconds to pull out another CD. It’s good to move around a bit. 😊


@soix and @charles1dad I'm following this discussion closely.   Both the rip or not rip, and the entry level or the next step up question.  What do you think about the minis in either line with the added LPS in lieu of the pricier step ups? The Zen mini and Zen mini S with LPS seem quite the value.  I'm an Orchid, Grannyring modded DAC user so I too do not have USB.

Far be if from me to have an opinion on these but I'm also seeing recent endorsements from long-term Agonners with stellar reputation that Innuos 2.0 sounds fantastic.

@charles1dad That is one beautiful piece of work, and goodonya for supporting our friends in Ukraine in this difficult time. 

@akgwhiz If you’re interested in ripping I think the Zen is the better value than the Zen Mini because you don’t need to buy the extra LPS, which makes the price differential between the two to be negligible.  Buy a DDC like the Singxer SU6 or Musician Pisces/Denafrips Iris and it’ll convert the USB from the Innuos to SPDIF, AES/EBU, or i2S your DAC can then use.  That’s what I’d do.  Hope this helps. 


Thank you. Abbas requires a 3 month build period due to the labor intensity. There were just a couple of delays due to blackouts after attacks Abbas told me. I’m very grateful he has stayed “relatively “ safe through these ongoing war conditions and find a way to continue working.

I hope to have it in my audio system in a couple of weeks. I believe that it will pair wonderfully with the Pro-Ject RS2T transport and server/network player once chosen (So many intriguing choices). I’ve decided to pursue wireless Wi-Fi via mesh routers. LAN cable connecting mesh with streaming unit.

I have received very positive feedback from those who successfully stream in this manner. As always, implementation is paramount to achieve a good outcome. CD spinning sounds splendid in my system but I am looking forward to exploring Tidal/Qobuz and internet radio.



Far be if from me to have an opinion on these but I'm also seeing recent endorsements from long-term Agonners with stellar reputation that Innuos 2.0 sounds fantastic

Yes, this is why I am looking forward to subsequent feedback on the new Innuos Pulse units. High interest in Aurender as well. Also a network player from the Netherlands has caught my interest. I’ll have to be patient with the selection process.



agreed , in particular I’d be curious to compare the new Pulse (not the mini) with the new-ish Aurender N150 streaming-only unit.

seems that those two share a similar feature set , although the Aurender uses a monochromatic screen vs the Pulse not having a screen.  Also the N150 is usb out only.

If one is streaming only and not using Roon, I wonder which of the interfaces (Sense or Conductor) is a better experience ?

im coming from an Ifi zen stream so either unit would be a big step up for me .  At $3250 and $3500 respectively they aren’t insignificant investments.



Good points. On paper the Innuos Pulse seems ideal for me. High quality single focused network player not music server. Aurender N150 would be ideal except that it’s exclusively USB (Not interested) and front screen (Don’t need it). So the N200 has the connection choice I want, But again don’t need a screen nor server duties.

from what I gather both the Innuos Sense and Aurender Conductor earn high marks for user interface and tech support. Both brands get much praise for sound quality. I wonder if the N150 is N200 without server capability, but same power supply and sonics.


Hi @charles1dad : is the streamer from the Netherlands by any change the Magna Mano MK3 with Farad external power supply? ;-) I had a listening session with this streamer last week at Magna Hifi. I was able to compare the Mano vs Sonos ZP player both hooked up to my own dac: the denafrips ares 2. The Mano was significant better sounding as compared to the Sonos (which was expected of course). The sound was beautiful and it is on my shortlist as my new streamer.


However, then I was notified (in the dutch streaming facebook group) about the Innuos PULSEmini which can also be powered by an external power supply (think it is the same they use as external power supply on the Zen mini).

So a member of the facebook streaming group mentioned:

1. When opting for the Innuos PULSE mini, their Sense app will have Roon-like functionalities when it comes to adding meta-data and music discovery features. (Both the PULSEmini and the Magna Mano mk3 streamer are based on Logitech Media Server (LMS), but Innuos has a Roon-like shell on top of it whereas with the Mano you need to work with the free LMS software (or Volumio, RooopieXL etc.)

2. Do not use Roon, as Qobuz/Tidal via Roon sounds worse as compared to the native app (probably due to the Roon protocol to communicate between Roon core and the Roon endpoint).

3. I’m currently using Tidal, he advise to switch to Qobuz as it will have better sound quality.

So as I don’t need any ripping, serving, storage functionalities, my shortlist currently exists out of the Manga Mano MK3 with external Farad power supply or the Innuos PULSEmini, also with external power supply...

The only reviews I could find so far are:






Yes I was referring to the Magna Mano Ultra MK III component.  People who’ve actually heard it say that the sound quality is exceptionally good. I had viewed the Hans Beekhuyzen review and he is very,very impressed by it. I appreciate your listening feedback. Choosing a audio streaming component is going to take me some time. Many choices and results from listeners all over the map.



We have nearly identical objectives (No server duties, just online streaming) Roon not necessary. If you or someone in your Dutch community compares the Pulse mini and Ultra MK III let me know. Thanks 


Lack of a screen of any kind, with basic streaming info, is weird (considering the price). No Roon Ready certification yet.


On another note, a dealer told me the PULSE (not the Mini) which he just received, sounds really good. 

Lack of a screen of any kind, with basic streaming info, is weird (considering the price). No Roon Ready certification yet.

I suppose it is a matter of preference. I’ve seen a number of streaming components without screens. They do not seem necessary as all visual information is available via phone/tablets etc. Anyway I’d be fine without a front panel screen.


I too prefer no screen.
I also typically use dimming tape on the LED’s on my amps, etc as I’m light sensitive and I find visual information distracts from listening.

plus I sit 12 feet away from the gear… so what’s the point of a little screen?

plus I sit 12 feet away from the gear… so what’s the point of a little screen?

Understood ,😊

I own several streamers ( bluesound, ifi zen and the new Innuos Pulsemini) The innuos wins by a margin. It sounds so airy, detailed and great sense of ease to the music. The Sense app is top notch.

Thanks for the info @analoguefan 

I currently have an Ifi Zen Stream with a LPS and am considering the Pulsemini.

are you using the including power supply or did you get the Innuos supply?


@j_andrews for right now, I am using the regular power supply that came with the unit but, I am upgrading to a LPS pretty soon. I am just wondering if any LPS will make a noticeable improvement or just the Innuos LPS?



I spoke to the national sales person at Innuos last week and he said he thinks they are working on a specific power supply for the PulseMini that will look identical but he also said that it’s the exact same power supply offered for the Innuos Zen Mini .

that casework looks a little different.

I imagine a quality 12V/5A supply would only help but that the purpose built Innuos unit would be best


I think you can use the zen mini power supply as an upgrade. Any other word on where this might be available? 

The mini is great without a lpsu, using just the supplied smps. Used a Sbooster botw p&p power supply, , and the results were phenomenal. Found out Innuos says there is no warranty support if power supply is found  to be at fault. Sent it back to the dealer.  Went with a zenmini lpsu as advised by the company. Am waiting for delivery, ordered one last week. But, yeah you gonna wanna save and get the lpsu. 


yes the Zen Mini power supply works and is recommended by Innuos.

I was just sharing that they are planning to release the same supply in a case that more closely matches the PulseMini visually at some point.  The sales manager didn’t have a date on that.  And the Zen Mini supply isn’t that different looking 

@charles1dad @happystreamer 

Here's another recent review of the Mano ULTRA mkIII Farad Music Streamer:-

I have a Innuos Zenith and the Phoenix Network and USB on my main system. For my secondary system, I am strongly tempted to not try other streamers where the connection to the DAC is via I2S, and not as expensive as devices on the Innuos ecosystem. 

The Holo Audio Red streamer is another option. It can serve as a DDC or a streamer. 

Any updates on your end as to where you are now on your streamer journey? It sure is going to be a long journey ... LOL.   



Thank you for providing the review link. I’ve been sidetracked with my audio streaming pursuit. Since receiving my new DAC awhile back, it pairs fabulously with my Pro-Ject RS2T transport. I’ve been totally engrossed with listening to CDs. Quite a marvelous music presentation that this combo yields.



I know what you mean! Comparatively good CDPs beat good streaming rigs (a generalisation). I have a Hegel Mohican, Metronome LePlayer 1 and am about to get delivery of a PS Audio SACD transport which I will link to my Holo May DAC via I2S. I2S seems to be a major differentiator so I am eager to try it out!

Have heard good things about the Pro-Jest RS2T CDT with its next-gen CD system. Do share your findings if you are able!  And if you do get back on your audio streaming pursuit, do let me know your "discoveries" as you navigate the uncharted seas :-)