Innuos Zenith mk3 complete disappointment

I have the following setup: Accuphase e480 with dac50 module, Magico A3, Chord SarumT speaker cables, Node2i a streamer only as I use Accuphase's day module. Chord Anthem bnc cable between Node and dac. (ethernet connection to streamer). I also have PSU mod for my Node2i.
I had opportunity to test Innuos Zenith mk3 during this week in my system. The same ethernet connection was used. From Innuos to dac I used entry level USB cable. 

I used Qobuz through Roon in Zenith and through BluOS in Node when testing. From the start Zenith sounded flat compared to Node2 and more I went through different music it became apparent that dynamic range was not on same level as with Node2. Especially the lower bass took a big hit compared to Node.  I also tested some highres music files with Roon and it was shocking to hear DSD with Zenith. PCM was "normal", but DSD was completely muffled, it was like hearing the music from the other room. One of the DSD records I tested was Temporary Circumstances - Clandestine Amigo (PS Audio - DSD64).

With Zenith all the testing I did was with the Roon, as iPeng client which I also tried was utter rubbish. I tried to level the sound volumes with iPhone app, but don't know how good job it did. For me Zenith was a complete disappointment from the sound quality point of view. Roon is Roon and I like it, but I think iPeng client is not on suitable level for the high end device like this. 
The problems with Zenith could be caused of course by my system: dac module on Accuphase or for example USB cable. Still I'm shocked how uninteresting sonically Zenith was compared to Node2i, as from price point of view it should be other way round.
Grannyring is right, squeeze sounds way better than the Innuos Roon implementation. Given Innuos‘ imminent launch of its own player software there may be method to the madness. That said my Zenith Mk3 makes me very happy. And by the way, a player heavy on DSP and other goodies will never sound as good as a minimalist version.
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I know this is really late in the discussion, but the Audio Setting under Systems on the Zenith has a sub setting called latency. The difference between setting it to low latency with my PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 vs normal, was a night and day difference.  After most updates from Innuous the latency would reset to normal and the sound would be far less engaging.