Insert for 45 RPM singles

Does anyone know where I can buy an insert to fit over the spindle of my Thorens TD 160 to accommodate the doughnut hole in single 45 RPM records?

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The TD 160 should have a metal "doughnut" around the spindle, which you pull out and turn upside to use as the 45 adapter. If your table is missing this piece, eBay is your best bet for a replacement.
You can always buy the little yellow plastic inserts that turn the larger 45 rpm record hole into a single small hole:;jsessionid=0a01105a1f43c18f39f1609349738423b85ee552754a.e3eSc3aTah0Le34Pa38Ta38LbNj0?sc=2&category=440
Thanks Jaybo and Scottz; I hadn't even looked. Last night I bought an adapter from a link posted on the Asylum in response to the same question posed there.