Insider or Outsider? To be or not to be,...?

Thoughts and feedback on the New Insider Lobby?
It also appears that those members who had subscribed to the BlueBook prior to the Insiders Forum being created have been merged into the Insiders.
So they are "joined" and have a yellow badge without joining if you understand.
I was until now, totally unaware that I “joined”- autopilot UNLESS we opt - out?
HOW do we opt- out?
I guess it’s a conspiracy to swell the numbers of the “insiders”?
(Or maybe I just got on my phone, having had one too many- My bad)
So current members who have subscribed to the BlueBook automatically become an "insider." Is there an opt-out giving the member a choice? If you signed up for BlueBook today, is there an "insider" opt-out in the process? And the big question, will there be "insider" meetings with Kool-Aid being served?
I have looked it up, its seems a similar system to ROON where you pay someone to help you in your hobby. If I was a roll over winner of the lottery I would try it, (tip money) otherwise the benefits of the ’Insider’ don’t make any sense to me, but maybe a good way of making money with the gullible?