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Maybe this is the winter you build something!
Love building stuff: Transcendent Sound ,  Bottlehead, Vacuum Tube Audio Re-capping Yamaha NS 1000M Volti upgrades for ‘70’s vintage corner horns Never gets old Did home brew beer for awhile Still reload ammo what got me started was promi... 
Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
Not up to wood working/ cabinet build, but have up graded cross overs. To any/ all that have built speaker kits , I would appreciate advice/ suggestions as to where to begin. I had no trouble with & really appreciated the improvement in soun... 
The magic of outdoor listening
Have EV outdoor speakers on back deck for decades(not years) for the purpose they’re great!  
Your method for discovering great music.
My kids, friends, family, radio, this forum- found Eva Cassidy from a post here.  
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
Echo the above. Wasn’t familiar with her. Listening to Live at Blues Alley- just arrived today. Thanks to all.  
Top 3 songs to evaluate a system
Agree w anything by Jennifer Warnes, but my favorite is Ballad of the Runaway Horse- some “experts” say the most difficult sound to reproduce is the spoken voice-at times she speaks, barely above a whisper, at times she really sings, the instrumen... 
Welcome Back!
Reminds me of the Yamaha NS 1000M I lusted after for years, but couldn’t afford, found used pair at Play it again”in Cleveland in ‘85 or 6 for $600 & have loved them since.I did do recap & upgrade speaker binding posts.Enjoy 
Welcome Back!
I still love the ones I bought years ago, discounted (somewhat) because they were closing out the line.Enjoy 
Is the appeal to euphonic distortion learned?
I find the concept thought provoking. Not the usual measures vs sounds. Not the usual ss vs tubes. Makes me think about how much as cigarette companies altered nicotine levels, food manufacturers alter: fat/ salt/sweet to find “ perfect food addic... 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Agree w Volti mods for Klipsch.Mods cost more than the K-horns(used~ ‘70’s vintage) & Worth every penny.Took a couple of weekends. 
Turntable Power Cord Upgrade
My first turntable mod years ago was to separate the power cord from the RCA outputs on a Technics belt drive table from the 70’s- cost little, sounded quieter, cost 30- 45 min & some solder.On that table they ran really close together- design... 
Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
Yes, but & this is a big “but”- was second system, upgraded to used Harbeth 30 M, took a lot of time dialing in subs from “not there”, almost there, too much there, way too much there” & back, wouldn’t have worked for main system.good luck! 
Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk
Me, for what you describe, I like Maggies & Harbeth, both well below your price range, but I’m happy- ymmv 
Artists you feel you can rely on, buy any new album unheard.
This kind of posts are my favorites-many names I am totally ignorant of & I do look forward to listening to & seeing what I like.Thanks to all of you who are willing to educate me- for free!All it costs is my time!It don’t get any better t... 
Best type of metal for turntable platform?
Wall mount, better shelving/ rack- better table, feet - so many options , solutions Many May cost less than suggestions so far-Have had problems w “footfall vibrations “Better turntable, racks, footers, cartridges, have helped for different situat...