Installing Aftermarket PC on Adcom Amp's

Would like to install on a 535II and a 5300. Is it worth the effort given boths amps value? I have never attempted anything of this nature. Any recommendations? Anyone on Audiogon you would refer?

I respect Adcom's products (and have sold them professionally), but I don't think adding aftermarket powercords to these two amps is a very good expenditure of your money.
does the amp have iec plugs,if so,i had the adcom big amp 5800,and tryed alot of power cords with great outcome,the vh audio flavor 2 was the best,and i made them my self,,i also used carol cable 12/3 from homedepot and it was good to.any cord will work and will be a step up from stock cord try it,thats what this hobby is for,solid silver interconnects worked really good in adcom stuff to