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Looking for laptop Windows 10 for music only.
im running i5 processor and 10 gig memory works great .get the biggest processor you canĀ  
Best Vintage Dac??
get a msb link dac 3 try to getit with the upsampling card and upgraded power supply ..i have used mine for cd playback for years its a great 24/96 dacĀ  
Need advice on a tube line stage
The best ive had here was a audio research ref one pre .should of never sold it ... im running a jolida and like it but not like a audio research 
Sumo preamp
its the Athena 
DV-09 DAC? Dennon integrated DAC? External DAC?
get a very good pair of speaker wires, work on upgrading power cords you being in car audio, you will have fun building your on power cords a lot of diy on line .get some very good interconnects also diy is a great way to go. get that system maxed... 
Peachtree Decco Power Cord upgrade?
make a diy its fun . vhaudio has a digital cable thats easy to make 
Pre-outs on a reciever.
your suppose to use one or the other ,i have used seperate amps for ht and amp in recriver for second zone 
Why does Cary Audio keep discontinuing good amps?
when a company starts moving away frome the ,,made in america brands ,they seam to be looking for money insted of build .Most of cary products have went from point to point wire, tubes to solid state gear .and when china makes there products they ... 
Toslink or 110 ohm aes/ebu?
Ive had a couple cec transports over the years .Ive run aes cables and ive run coax .Ive never used toslink before just cause of myth of them .Just remember this ,CEC has a transformer in the curcuit for aes/ebu to convert it.CEC has always recomm... 
speaker cables interconnects-diy
It is a good power cord to make and fun check vh audio web sight he has a lot off info 
DIY XLR Cables: Questions
I always progold every thing .there is alot of different wire to use and very inexpensive i would go on ebay and type in silver wire and look under home audio .i have made good cables from it..about the ends get the black gold plated pins also on ... 
Need Processor Input
find the 5.1 input for your processor or get one with them.i run my blue ray thru the anolog outs to a nuforce avp17 anolog 7.1 inputs and with some room tweeking it sounds good with the dacs in the blueray . I just wish there were more 7.1 movies... 
Subwoofer placement
just do what they say put it whee you sit and walk aroung to e crners and all in your room where ever the bass is the heaviest thats where it goes bottem line ..even if you have to run long cable runs got to go there 
Rebuliding a Thorens TD-165
look on ebay you will find alot of stuff for it .I made a plinth out of oak and still use it from time to time the rega 300 arm loves this table 
We are normal unlike the rest eh??? ha ha
what lps are playing in back ground ,what are the titles to them anyone know,