Int. Amp's input sensitivity and DAC's output


I'm a little confused (concerned) about the match between my Cambridge Audio DACMagic and my integrated amp. The DACMagic's output is rated at 2.1V rms (unbalanced). My integrated's line input's sensitivity is rated >= 200mV and overload signal level rated >=2V. Now I'm concerned that the DAC is actually driving the pre-amp section of the integrated to overloading levels.

Is this a correct analogy or am I mistaken?

Comments appreciated.
In your case preamp is acting as linear volume control. There are lots of positive things unless the input circuit isn't overdriven(which is less-likely your case) that gives enough headroom to pick up all possible details at the small signal domain and properly process it to the desired volume.
The tech specification and features of your preamp might also have maximum input voltage which may go upto 9V.
Thank you Maraknetz, but the integrated amp's manual doesn't specify the max input voltage. The only info in that regards is the overload signal level, which is 2V. That's it. So, can you please expand on your reply a little more?

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You will be able to realize that it's clipping in the small signal domain when you play some dynamic music. If that's the case, you can get attenuators(normally resistors) with RCA plugs between DAC and preamp.
I believe it shouldn't if both components are RMS votage rated. The input sensitivity of 200mV means how 'quiet' your preamp can play and overload level 2V is the other way arround.
DAC manufacturers seem to all have a kind of arrogance that says you will never use anything but their DAC driving your power amps.

There is no idea that you might be using an integrated, or possibly a phono section as well.

On top of that there is usually a misunderstanding of how much voltage is needed to drive an amplifier to full output and what the consequences are, so they damn the torpedos and usually have way too much output. In this case, the DAC in question only has too much output rather than way too much :)

It should be the case though that the volume control will keep things in check, although I think you will find that you are always at the bottom of the control. The spec on your amp is written, BTW, so that if the control is all the way up, 200mV will be how much voltage will be needed at the input to drive the integrated to full output.
Thank you Atmasphere, well I'm using DK Design MKII, I'm using an external Phono Preamp. The thing that bothers me is the Overload signal level on the amp which is rated at 2V (or greater) and the DAC's output is rated at 2.1Vrms.
I would purchase attenuators with RCA plugs that would possibly increase ranges on your volume knob and dynanic headroom of the system.
They're available at
The Rothwell 10 dB in-line RCA attenuators were, to my ears, more transparent than the partsexpress units. they do cost quite a bit more but there are significant benefits from operating your system w the volume control more in the middle of its range.
Thank You Swampwalker, Just ordered a pair I'll let you know the results :-). Yeah, they do cost quite a bit more than the ones on Partsexpress.
Hi all, I installed the Rothwell attenuators today, they sound good out of the box. The digital sound is tamed now. Thank you all for the input.

Happy Holidays!