Integra Net-tune server/clients with WiFi

I have a friend that's interested in getting a a music server and some remote clients to stream audio through his house. Was looking at the Integra/Marantz net-tunes but can not find out if will work with 802.11G. Is it possible to just add an access point to them using the ethernet port? I've emailed Integra and called them. They left my on hold for over two hours and then hung up. If it's not possible can anyone recommend a system that uses wifi to stream music that doesn't cost more than an SUV. I contacted Request systems but their product was over $30,000!

I don't understand why this stuff is so expensive; it's nothing more then a cheap PC/hard drive running Linux with a ethernet card build in.

Ok If it has an ethernet 10baseT connection you can connect a 802.11G bridge. They run about $100 and can be found on amazon or CompUSA. You could also use one of those wireless game adapters. They are just bridges too. I think Linksys makes one. I have done this and it works ok.

Other options are:
Get a spare PC (or you could use your current PC) and buy one of these networked devices.

Linksys Wireless Digital Media Server $200
Allows you to play music over your wireless network.

Prismo Media Player $300
Just like the linksys. Also allows you to view JPGs and AVI files.

Turtle Beach Audiotron
This is the one I own. It requires a bridge to use a wireless network. but it looks like a components and not a computer or anything wierd. Its also accessable over the web so I got a wireless PDA and use that as a remote that allows me to see my entire library and its easier to use than the supplied remote. it goes for about $300 but requires a PC

Creative Labs also has a new device on the market. Its just like the others and has the wireless connection built in. The thing I like is that it has a RF remote with a LCD screen that helps you navigate through your music library.

I would say go with a system that uses and external PC and not an internal hard drive. This way you can add storage when needed. I got a box an stuck 3 200 gb drives in it and store all of my music in WAV format.
I just ordered a wireless squeezebox. It looks very cool and has both analog and digital outputs. Can't wait to compare my msb dac with the squeezebox vs my cdp but will have to as they are back ordered.