Integrate amp for gallo refernce 3 speakers

I've been wanting to upgrade my current amp and was wondering if anyone had any insight into which integrated amp would pair well with the Gallos. My thoughts were Musical Fidelity's A5, or the Plinius 9200 and possibly the krell 400xi.
Any other suggestions? Anyone currently running an integrated amp with their gallos that rocks their world?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Tommy. The amp looks amazing but is a little out of my price range at $9000. I was looking to spend no more that $3000.
Any other ideas? Anyone??
Not having actually tried the combination, I'd lean toward the Krell. It's a really nice unit with the caveat that it shouldn't be used to drive low impedances, which really shouldn't come into play with those speakers.
I would add the Edge G3, Ayre AX-7e, Blue Circle NSCS and maybe the Bryston B100 SST to your list. Take this with a grain of salt since I have not heard the new A5 but none of the MF products I have heard have struck me as involving. YMMV

The Gallo's take very well to tubes. Check out the Cary SLI-80, VAC Avatar, VTL IT-85, and if you can stretch your budget, the McIntosh 2275.

Good Luck.
another to add is the Tact M2150 ... excellent control and soundstaging (improves on this already outstanding quality) ... not an easy amp to find but VERY good.

also the Joule Vamp integrated (100w/ch tube/mosfet hybrid)... have used this extensively with the Gallos to great result - also hard to find though.

Good luck!
Henryhk, sorry I can't be of much help in A-B comparisons as I haven't had those amps together in my system. My sense is that the Ayre is slightly softer sounding but I wouldn't take that to the bank. Plinius seems to be a quite matching sensitive as it has sounded great in some systems and too warm and slow in others. To throw one more integrated into the mix the NAD S300 was quite good and a used one might be a great buy. It is basically a rebadged Gryphon Tabu.
I'm not a huge fan of the Krell and I have some reservations as noted about Musical Fidelity products. The TACT and the Joule I haven't heard but all others candidates that have been suggested strike me as reasonable choices. A great deal is simply going to come down to individual taste. There simply aren't any bad integrateds in play here.