Integrated amplifier sound

I read the forum every night to get advice from you all. I am learning so much. I just started using my Music Fidelity A3.2 Dual mono solid state integrated amp(115 W per channel into 8 ohms) with my flagship pair of ADS L1590 Tower speakers. It is not a good match. I have never heard so much beautiful detail and sound but, it sounds like the Music Fidelity  would do better with ribbon speakers like Magnapans or Acustat brand speakers.  My towers are very efficient. 90db. I was using an acurus D-100  with 100 watts per channel and it was great! Very neutral sound but clean and I had slam. I cannot get slam with the music fidelity. When I try to increase volume it is just not the same. I have tried Cambridge audio amps and love the smooth rolled off sound but they lack the power for slam. I see the 851 Azure new has great reviews but it is not integrated. A lot of guys get two and put them in as mono blocks. I cannot afford that right now. I am going to put my Music Fidelity on Audiogon soon and need to find an amp for these towers. I have heard that Rogue Audio Spinx is a good sound and may provide some of what I am looking for. What amps have the power and reserve like the ACURUS has to get me back in the game. I really should have auditioned the Music Fidelity before I bought it. It is not a cheap amp. I am so upset. I will unhook it and use a spare cambridge audio integrated with low power for now. I will be purchasing used in order to stay under 1,500 dollars. Please advise!
try out the Vandrsteen speakers for sure! I can tell you that I have heard these large speaker slam and provide detail with Pink Floyd with amazing musical detail. My gear to do this  is still an ARCAM CD player, dual turntable, Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus DAC, Perruex phono stage with power supply and Nakamichi ZX 682 for the wonderful analogue tape sound. I am researching upgrading my DAC to a Schitt Bitfrost 2. Am hearing very good things. 
Bill , I also have a Cambridge 640A, older model (65 watts rms) so warm sounding. I use it on my bookshelf speakers. I am going to try and start with a sub. I like the idea. The Music Fidelity is so powerful with my speakers so it might keep me from turning it up so high. I just do not know how to hook it up right.