Integrated + CD for Tyler Linbrook Super Tower?

I am looking for suggestions for a good match (Integrated Amp + CD) for my new Tyler Super Tower speakers.
Don't have the super tower - have the Linbrook System 2 and find that my Portal Panche integrated, Audio Analogue Paganini CD, PS Audio Xstream Audio Statement IC, and Signal Cable bi-wire speaker cables seem to blend nicely with my Tylers
Nice spaekers, congrats!
I have a MTM design with the Seas drivers, so its close to the Tyler's MMTMM
I'm running a Jadis Orch Refer, which is nice but lacks the higher resolution/power of its 2 bigger brothers , the DA30 (I think its been delted from the Jadis line) and the DA60. However both are out of your budget.
I can suggest a cdp, which is the Cayin 17, has dual power supplies, high quality and also a quad of 6922's. Used like 1K, new like 1500.
I know having asked Ty in the past that he thinks the Jolida CD100 non-moded goes well with his speakers, never asked about the amp other than he told me his preference was for SS - might want to just drop him a line and get his input
I've not heard the super towers, I have the one piece signature system, but I suspect the sound will be similar sans a bit of bass. These are very revealing and you will easily hear the quality of your sources etc, so be careful what you choose. (As you can see from my 'systems' I use tubes, and have an excellent result using a ss CDP to a medium powered tube amp (I'm not necessarily recommending that for you, just so you understand my point of view).

I can't recommend a SS int amp to you based on limited experience with SS, but unless you intend to listen at high sound pressure levels with peaks in excess of 100db, I would recommend that you consider using tubes. There are a number of high quality integrated tube amps on the market right now which are inexpensive and easy to use. For example, you could do a lot worse than a Primaluna 1 or 2 (depending of the type of sound you prefer) and have a lot of money left over. There are so many to choose from right now. CDP - I'm wary of the Chinese stuff unless there is an extant on-shore service agency for them. CDP's often require service and I'm not sending mine to China!
I just read a review on 6moons - a new Chinese CDP by Raysonic. Read the review if for no other reason it is a good reference for the issues involving CDP's and the different types available. From the description in the review, if Raysonic actually has a proven onshore warranty or maintenance service that is independent (will be there 5 years from now when you need them) I'd be interested as the price is right. BTW, the Jolida and a SS amp, if that is Ty's recommendation, may be fine - in fact it is probably complimentary - but it may not be the last word, so to speak, in quality or performance. Just MHO.

Hope that helps a bit.
Thanks all for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I can't use a tube amp due to the location (cabinet). And I would like an integrated. I have been looking at a lot of possibilities and so far I am considering Musical Fidelity and Moon Simaudio (I prefer the latter for now). I am still looking (listening). Part of the problem comes from the fact that I listen those gear on other speakers in the dealers show rooms...
Dma not sure of your budget. My recommends would be Newbee's mention of raysonic or any other chinese import with tube output. I believe the Raysonic like my Cayin 17 has a quad of 6922's. This will give musicality to your Tylers. I also had a local tech guy replace the cheap opamps to a much more revealing opamp.
Next i'd look for a tube pre, goes for like $600, maybe a Ming Da. Then I would look at the Monarch SE250. It is a hybrid, SS/single tube output.
I would never use all ss gear with Tylers. The speakers deserve better.
My friend had a MF amp. If you like british sound then that's your choice.
I've had my share of encounters with british audio. not my "cup of tea".
Thanks again all.
I'll definitely consider tubes now. However, tube integrateds are realtively rare in my area, so choice is limited (and I am a bit concerned about buying this from a far away dealer - service...).
Also, any opinion on hybrids? Jolida has some.