Integrated tube amp for Coincident Super Eclipse

Before I sell alot of my gear (recent job loss) I am wondering what integrated tube amp would be a great match for my Coincident Super Eclipse llls? What about SET amps? For whatever reason, I am thinking of a Cayin A88T as a good match.... any suggestions? I listen to folk, rock and jazz and my room is 12'x25'.
Cary SLI-80 w/kt88's run in triode mode is the best match i've found w/my Partials. i believe a'goner Brm1 ran a sli-80 w/his Supers.
What amp do you have now. I assume you own the coincidents. The current amp you have will cost you knowthing. If you like it and there is no fortunes invested in it keep it.
From your preferences including Rock I think an SET will not make you happy no matter if the Coincidents are 99 Db sensitive and over 10 ohm.
OTOH the expensive investment you need to recover by selling the current amp, may end with a net loss. Especially buying a new one to replace it - even a used but new to you amp.
I haven't heard these since they had gotten to 20 watts but the "Wave 25" ASL amps are only a few hundred a piece. It kind of odd I hear nothing about the ASL products of late. Anyway Isreal Blume has an ASL 300B amp the Frankenstein I believe modifed for him. There may be synergy between the two product lines.
I second the bang for your buck in using an older amp. Mac recievers if old are about $500 but you get the preamp free. So called vintage amps even fully refurbed can be had for $500 or less as a rule . If running but needing recapping less than $300 easy. If broken don't bother.
Thanks for the responses...I am using a NAD 325BEE. Packed up my Quad 909/99 to sell next month. Don't need the power. The NAD sounds pretty good but just curious about using a tube integrated with these speakers. Looking at no more than $1250.00 for a used integrated amp.
I have the same speakers and am using them in a 14X24 room. I used to use 8 watt SET amps and those worked great, but, per the previous suggestion, I'd choose a different amp for rock (I don't listen to much). Currently using a Modwright KWA 150 which is a great match, but probably not what you're looking for as it's not integrated and out of your pricepoint. Integrates at the $1K point I'd consider worth auditioning that would excel in rock and still sound great in your other preferred genres: Portal Panache, Rega Mira III, Audio Refinement, Creek 5350SE.
I use Welborne Labs Laurel IIx Ultimate Upgrade SETs with WE300B (new production) output valves on my Super Eclipse IIs. I'm listening to the new CD of "Soft Parade" (The Doors) from Audio Fidelity as we speak. My listening room is 24x13 (apartment dweller). Sounds great - no problems; plenty of volume for my needs.

I'd look for a used Almarro A318B integrated (~$1,900 new, ~$1,100 used) which is an 18 wpc amp using Single-Ended 6C33C-B tubes for output.

I have owned both the "A" & "B" versions of this amp("B" is far, far, better, especially for rock), it is simply fantastic and performs far beyond it's price range. In it;s own unique way, it's musical presentation was just as satisfying as my Welborne DRD 300B & Art Audio PX-25 SET($9k) amps. (Not saying it was just as good, but just as musically satisfying in many ways)

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I don't know your speakers , yet . But I wonder how my Primaluna Prologue 2 would sound . It will take a myriad of input and output tubes and is self/auto biasing which makes tube rolling a breeze . It may not be an end all/be all solution but it can be a good tool to experiment with to discover what you like in the world of tubes .
Plenty of power for rock , nice detail and extension and available here from time to time for less than your stated price ceiling . If you don't like it it is easy to pass it on to the next audiophile .

Good luck .
I agree with the Almarro 318 recommendation, certainly should be on your short list.
Thanks I have some time on my hands now I can look further into your suggestions. Stay tuned to my auctions. LSA 1's will be first up soon.

Oh , I forgot to mention that I had a Cayin A 88T prior to the Primaluna . I found the Cayin to be warmer than the stock Primaluna but equal , in that respect , after rolling the input tubes on the Primaluna . The Primaluna has better detail and top end extension .

Good luck.
I've got multiple coincidents. I love them with tubes, both high power and lower powered. EL34's can be a little more harsh (Rock?) while EL84's & 2A3's are more forgiving. These speakers are not at all forgiving with harsh sources or music. I have some 120 watt vintage grommes(6GK5) amps that sound amazing but I'll never really push the amps.
For solid state, Mac is the way to go. My theater amp is a Mac 7106 and just might beat my tubes with the coincidents.