Integrated tube amp with phono pre - need recco

Believe it or not, my wife has caught the LP bug and we agreed to put together a midfi system for her to play records.  We had heard a system with a Peachtree integrated with a built in phono pre and loved it.  I’m finding the Peachtree lineup baffling so I can’t seem to identify the unit, but anyway…

Looking for recommendations MSRP in the $900-1100 range.  Must have phono pre built in (no linestages) and tubed.  What are the options you’d recommend?  


Oh shoot, I see you were looking for an integrated amp. Rogue Sphinx. I think when you said no linestages is what confused me.

Thanks.  Speakers are B&W, impedance around 91-92, pretty standard.  I’ll take a look at the Sphinx and Croft units.

Speakers are B&W

They can get a bit bright, the Sphinx would go good with B&Ws.

In that price range, if you heard it in person and enjoyed it, the Peachtree Nova150 is what you'd probably want.  Used ones are always popping up for $850 or less.

I'd spend a few more bucks on a new Rogue Sphinx, but you might be able to find the earlier V2 version used for a decent price.  Though the Sphinx V3 has a much better built in phono.