Interconnect suggestions

I have a pair of Martin Logan Sequel IIs (no cash now to update), an Adcom 585 amp, Adcom preamp, and 750 series Adcom CD player. I would like to update my interconnects and speaker cables. (lots of suggestions for speaker cables from previous posts) I've head that Synergistic Research, Nordost, and Wireworld would be potential matches for my system. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Do I have the ultimate suggestion for you!Call 1800FATWYRE. This is The Cable Company,and they carry most brands of cables,interconnects and line conditioners.They are very knowledgeable and friendly and can address your specific needs.They can ship you a few different brands at once for you to a-b in your system.All it takes is a small deposit. Raise your glass.Heres to incredible sound!
Check out the parts connection mail order catalog(a division of sonic frontiers). They sell many popular types of wire in bulk at big savings. Such as: kimber- pbj,silver streak,kcag also other brands and speaker wire. You buy the lentgth you need and add the terminations.
One should ask Jtao, strobl and lihifiguy what kind of INTERCONNECT they use between their modem and the wall jack? Is it silver, coaxial, flat rectangular 99.9999% pure? Heavens, we're talking about a high-speed digital interface here! What kind of INTERCONNECT do they use between their computer and their monitor? If it isn't Kimber, it must look AWFUL! If you don't use fancy oxygen-free $150 per foot silver coaxial wire for your cable TV (and that is a REAL UHF giga-hertz signal) then your favorite actress must look like a MARTIAN! Get real, guys. Audio is strictly LOW FREQUENCY stuff and 12 ga. lamp cord is about as flat and low-resistance as you can get for speakers, and interconnects will sound no different no matter HOW MUCH you spend for them unless they are poorly soldered or the jacks are oxidized. Spend your $$$ on great CD's, now THAT's incredible sound!
audition the different wires/cables in YOUR system. and contrary to what fotopres says, wires/cables DO sound different, the secret being finding the right ones for YOUR system.
Fotopres seems to have a valid argument - on the surface. First off, the original poster is asking about analog interconnects, which is a completely different story than digital interconnects. But, I will continue the discussion of digital transmission. A lot of nay-sayers have proclaimed that trasmitting digital information for audio purposes is the same as trasmitting for computer purposes. This is just plain WRONG. To a computer, it doesn't matter WHEN the bits come along, as long as they come along in the right order. For audio purposes though, the TIMING of the bits is as important as the order of the bits. Also, a computer presents all its information in digital as well - like is this pixel 205,205,204 or 153,154,155? Audio, on the other hand, needs an analog device (even d/a's are really analog devices at the core) to CONVERT a stream of numbers to an analog waveform. Thus, the timing of the bits, the definition of the edge of the square wave, the angle of the slope of the square wave, these are important factors in audio. Computers could care less. So PLEASE get off the "bits is bits" bandwagon - it's getting rather worn.
The best value that I've found are BEL "The Wire" interconnects. They go for around $200 a meter pair in an unbalanced configuration. They are very well balanced over the whole frequency spectrum, open and detailed, without being analytical. I have tried many wires, and these are by far the best that I have owned.
Hey; Save your money and go to and go to Tips, DIY and tweaking. It's the DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff you want! You can have the enjoyment of telling everyone you spent 200 per foot, them saying WOW they sound great, and you letting them know you made them yourself! Jack
Fotopres is wrong about interconnects and speaker wire. Both make substantial differences in sound quality. However, unless you are prepared to spend in to the 2-3 thousand dollar range for speaker wire and atleast a thousand or more on interconnects... you won't hear a difference. BTW has Fotopres ever compared the sound quality of cables on a true hifi system. (I used to be a disbeliever until my ears told me different.) I use the top model straight wire interconnects and speaker cable...give it a listen before making up your own mind.