Interface between PC and Oppo 205


I have an odd situation I would appreciate your thoughts on. I use my PC as the music server to my Oppo 205. I connect the two via USB out to UBS Dac in. Then to PrimaLuna. When I send any signal (Tidal, Amazon Music, Jriver, etc) to the Oppo it will play for a while then signal just stops. All equipment is still on, music is still playing...if I disconnect the USB sound comes out of my PC. The input on the Oppo has not changed. 90% of the time, turning the Oppo on/off does not restore the music. To get it working I have to unplug the oppo, plug it back in, turn on and then I can get music again. Or I reboot the PC turn everything off and start over again. Generally, then I can get music. Direct input to Amp is fine, always works from my Astell & Kern.  Any thoughts much appreciated.  Thanks.....