Interferences with EAR 834P Phonostage

I recently bought an EAR 834P MM phonostage, and plugged it to my Moon I3.3 integrated amp through the A2 input (AUX). The phonostage doesn't have its own volume control button. My turntable (ProJect RPM 5) and the 834 are connected with RCA interconnects and a ground wire; the 834 and the Moon Amp with interconnects, no ground wire.
When the phonostage is plugged in the wall plug, even when powered down, i got a very bad humming sound when the amp is switched to A1 input (TV), so i have to unplugged the phonostage from the wall plug to get rid of it, if i want to watch TV...Otherwise, the 834 works great and is very silent.
So, there are obvious interferences, but i'm not sure on what level, and why.
Any thoughts?
Could be one or more of the tubes is bad. Try replacing each at a time by substituting a fresh tube in each position.
On further thought, scratch that idea, it sounds more like a ground loop issue.
Try a cheater plug on the phonostage ac. You also might try various combinations of ground wire. In my system with a particular phono stage I actual had to disconnect the turntable ground wire. Ground loops can be tricky but you usual can get rid of them
You may need to plug it in another wall plug..You may be getting interferance from your Television/Cable connection...
Thanks guys!
I tried every combination of ground wire and other wall plug...Nothing was working. I finally disconnected the TV from the amp, and i'm now using a Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 2.1 Home Stereo Speaker System.
The phonostage still works superb, so i guess it's good enough for now.