intermittent static out of one channel?

i've swapped around all the cables and stuff and currently i just have my speakers connected to a peachtree nova, i thought it was the nova at first so i sent it in for repair and they said theres nothing wrong with it

then i get it back, and there's the same intermittent static noise out of the right channel

i disconnected all inputs and just left the speakers connected and it still happened, peachtree said the nova is fine.. ive tried different speaker cables... any ideas?

the noise just comes and goes, very random, the static sounds like wind blowing
If your using tubes,try swapping left and right channel tubes and see if the problem shifts side..If so you need a new tube ( or tubes ) ........
the thing is, i JUST sent the nova in for repair because i thought it was the nova causing the issue, they sent it back and said there's nothing wrong with it

the noise will come for a minute or two, then disappear for a while, then come back randomly..

yogi, i just swapped at the speaker end, and the static went to the other speaker

but then peachtree says my nova is okay, so i'm really confused
If you swap the cable at both ends and the noise moves with the cable then you will prove it is a cable trouble,if the noise remains in the right channel then the problem is with the amp!
I had the same problem . It turned out to be a bad tube socket . Preamp was less than 3 years old ,( A.R.C. ref 3 )
Hello, just bought a 220SE and having the same issue from the left channel. I have switched speakers and cables ad the noise appears to be coming from the amp.   I have contacted peachtree. Was this ever fixed?