Introduction...newbie, go easy on me

Hey all,
I've been a long time lurker...finally set up an account. If I've posted this in the wrong place, hoping the mods can relocate to the appropriate section. I've been dying a slow death with no live music during this pandemic, and as such my wife has green lighted me to step up our hifi set up. Musically we listen mainly to rock, folk and funk (from Radiohead / Massive Attack / War On Drugs to Wilco / Sturgill Simpson / Jason Isbell / Tyler Childers / Margo Price / John Prine / Dylan to Greensky Bluegrass / Trampled By Turtles / Grateful Dead to Medeski Martin & Wood / Herbie Hancock / Stevie Wonder). Apologies if that's a rambling list.

Our system will be in our great room (far from optimal listening room set up)...big space, vaulted ceilings, uneven dimensions, lots of glass, etc.). All that said, this is definitely the room where we'll spend the majority of our listening time and where I want to have our primary system. I've purchased B&W 802 d3s, McIntosh MA12000, and a Solid Steel HF-3 rack (all is currently in route to me). I still have a REL 528SE left over from our last system, but want to check out the 802s in our room before I add a sub. 

We're very passionate about architecture, design and art...ideally, any components we add would possess an artistic and design forward aesthetic. Our next purchase will be a turntable set up and I'd be interested to hear any thoughts from the knowledgeable folks on here as it relates to turntables and appropriate cartridges. I've been leaning towards the VPI Prime Signature, or the Mac MT5 (with an upgraded cartridge). All that said, I'd love to know if you fine folks have other suggestions that I should consider in a similar price range. 

Glad to be here, and look forward to learning lots and hopefully some day sharing my own thoughts & insights.

Cheers and happy Saturday!