iPod earbuds for exercise

Does anyone have any suggestions for earbuds that are good for running in particular? I was set to order the Shure E2C or 3C, but I don't know how they would stand up to sweat and I am not sure I want an enormous level of ambient sound reduction for safety reasons on the roads. Thus, I am more concerned about fit and durability over sound quality. Thanks.
Well I know that Nike makes a pair that are made for runners in mind. I cannot seem to remember the exact model number. I use them and it's great for what is made fore. They stay on and don't bother you while running. I use it in combination to the Ipod armband. Makes running alot more sane.

p.s I did use the shures for a while when running and I can only recommend using them in the gym and with the foam type tips.
The shures will hold up fine. A buddy of mine, who is an animal, uses his shures to workout-he logs about 10-12 hours per week of heavy sweat.

The ibuds bite!

The sony's work & sound good but the little weight on the cable will pull the left earbud out if you don't secure it...
The Shure's come with various types of in-ear modules to hold the things in place (there's probably a better term for them). The best sound I've found is from the squishy foam ones. Only drawback is they may be noisier if you are doing anything active. I've noticed just in moving around the noise of the very soft foam moving around in my ear is quite distracting. This may be a problem running. They's also probably absorb sweat to some extent, but don't know if your sweat really reaches that far into your ears. Needless to say, I ain't running with mine. There are numerous options for those fittings so I'm sure you'll be able to find one that's suitable. The others are rubber, so sweat would not be an issue...it would be more a matter of comfort and whether they seal well in your ear canal (necessary for best bass performance). I have the e4C and it sounds good to me. Nothing really stunning about it though...I prefer the sound of my bigger Sony cans, but don't like the bulk. Have not heard the e2C or e3c. Plenty of input and shootouts at the Head-Fi site.

Thanks for the responses. I saw the Nike vapor sport buds at the Apple Store web site. I was considering them, but they have quite a few negative posts there, which got me to thinking about the issue a bit more. Noise is a problem that I forgot to mention in my original post... the earbuds that Apple ships with the iPods are quite noisy for running outdoors because the cords click around and it becomes amplified. They are also quite annoying in the wind. I hadn't considered that the Shure's might be noisy; thanks for that note Marco.
I have been using the Shure 3cs for over a year. I have used the sponge as well as two different rubber inserts, though i havent special ordered the triple flange. I have found that the best sealing, hence bass production comes from the the sponges. in no case, even under heavy aerobic exertion with lots of sweat have the phones had any problems. The type of insert and size will determine the amount of ambient noise that you hear; and you should find that one of the multiple options meets your needs. I guess the combination of real solid sound quality, good fit, durability and fit options makes the shures a good buy.
good luck
I hadn't considered that the Shure's might be noisy; thanks for that note Marco.

From the input from those who do use them during athletic endeavors, sounds like this may not be as much of an issue as it is just sitting still in silence. I use mine to listen at night when my wife is reading so it is mostly silent and I am concentrating on the music. Yes, that does definitely make the sound of my own movements more pronounced. Perhaps the effort of running would make that a moot point as your concentration is elsewhere. I play racquetball and I haven't bothered trying out the Shures in the racquetball court. Don't hold your breath for my review on that application either. Oh, and I'd completely agree that the earbuds Apple ships iPods with are best utilized to tie off your trash bag before disposal. The Shures, at least the e4c's, are a world apart.

I own the ec3s but for the gym I prefer these Black mega bass Sony ear buds They sound great and i dont worry about losing a $ 200.00 pair at the gym. They last about 6 months and cost 19.99 at jandr music world. I have been trying to find a pair that sounds better but cant. I bought the $ 70.00 list Sony buds and these for $ 20.00 sound better the more expensive ones for some reason do not go loud enough. I am open to trying any other earbuds. I am demoing a pair of Phillips Surround earbuds $ 20.00 at Best Buys and they are OK too. If anyone knows of a better bud please let me know price is not an issue.
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