iPod question-how to import uncompressed...


I got 2 iPods for Christmas! 1 iPod shuffle and one 30G iPod video. I've read that they actually sound pretty good when playing back music stored in an uncompressed format. So, what's the easiest way to accomplish this using iTunes and no other software or plug-ins? I see in the edit-preferences-advanced menu that I can select AAC, AIFF, Apple lossless, mp3 or WAV. Which should sound best? Also, I'm guessing that anything imported before I make this change was ripped in a lossy default format, right? I'm guessing I need to delete them and re-import again after making the setting change, right?

Thanks for helping a "rippin' rookie!!!


I use apple lossless there are also additional setting for size. I use the second largest one. You also might want to check out the new airport express extreme or Squeezebox3 to stream music to the main stereo. Here are some cool sites for more information about the ipod. Also check out
www.electric-avenues.com for an awesome headphone amp and check out the Sony 90's earbuds quite an awesome combo with the amp

Thanks All! Additional iPod related replies are still welcome and would be a nice addition for the archives....


I use apple lossless and yes you should use it vs. lossy. But the real bump-up in quality then comes from bypassing the headphone amp using a line-out cable (ipod or nano only); there you can either provide your own portable amp > headphone combo-- or line into your stereo.

For me, using apple lossless on a 5g ipod, through SIK Ram Din portable line out cable to Headroom Total Airhead portable headphone amp to either my Etymotic ER4S, or even better sounding my Grado 225s; IMO this sounds pretty good, and is as good as portable audio comes if you have not tried it.

A 30g Ipod should hold approx. 75 lossless cds, so it sure beats carrying around a PCDP and 20 CDs for your travel audio.