How much uncompressed music in Ipod classic?

I'm thinking of buying an ipod classic with 167GB of storage. Obviously not as much as in MP3 format but would it hold 100 cd's worth of uncompressed music? I'm thinking of using it in a Peachtree I-doc.

Maximum size of a CD is .7GB so that would be about 240 CDs. If you figure the average is closer to .5GB it would hold 330 or so.

167GB??? Is that correct (I really am curious!)? I thought the Classic is a 160GB disc. After your system files, you probably have a little less to store music.

If you use a "lossless" file format (like Apple Lossless), .3 to .4 GB/CD is a conservative assuming 160GB, the capacity would be around 400ish CDs. A lot.
I have a iPod Classic 160. I have 380 albums stored on it as Apple LossLess files. I still have about 40 GB of free space. I'm hoping to get 500 albums stored on it.
I've heard from hardcore apple fans that the click-button iPods are soon going to be discontinued. Apple wants to go to an all touch-screen, flash-memory lineup, so buy your classic today!
My 30 GB iPod is full with about 997 songs mostly (99+%) in Apple Lossless format. And that's with no video content. Presumably this would translate to (160/30)*997, or 5317 songs on a new iPod with 160 GB.
I don't think I'd use uncompressed, by the way. I did a little experiment a few years ago and I couldn't hear any difference between WAV and AAC on my iPod.
Yes, I keep hearing rumors iPods will be discontinued soon and plan to get a replacement while I still can. My iPhone (3GS) doesn't seem to sound as good and the interface isn't as good.