iRiver and dbPoweramp connectivity

Hello, I just purchased an Astell & Kern ak120, and also just purchased dbPoweramp to rip CD's to load onto the player. Sound quality is excellent. I am having a little difficulty though navigating the iRiver software and loading music onto the player. It is not as "plug and play" as iTunes. When I rip Cd's using dbPoweramp, the iRiver software does not seem to locate the newly added music. I have engaged in a 3+ step process to rip CD's to a Music folder or into the iRiver folder with dbPoweramp, re-start the iRiver software so it scans the computer and recognizes the new music that was just loaded onto the computer, and then transfer the new music file into the iRiver library, before transmitting it into the ak120. I am hoping that this old dog can be taught some new tricks to make this less cumbersome. Thanks for any insight.
Kjo, I'm surprised that no one has replied so I'll give you my opinion/method. I keep my music in folders by Artist and album title. When I rip a new CD (with dbPoweramp) and want to transfer it to my player, I just connect the player via the usb port and it shows up as an external drive. Then I copy the music over via drag and drop. I assume that the Astell and Kern player has the same capability. Unless you listen via iRiver on the computer, there's no reason to involve it at all. Even if you do I wouldn't think you would have to wait for it to scan the music. Note that I'm not familiar with the workings of either iTunes or iRiver so there may be something I don't understand.
Look under the Library - library Manager menu and set it up for auto importing of your files to auto import them.
Currently using iTunes and ripping cds and saving as Apple Lossless to my PC's hard drive and successfully streaming to a modified Airport Express. Planning on going outside my comfort zone, downloading dbPoweramp and re-ripping my cds in AIFF format, saving to an external Western Digital HD and playing using JRiver. Before I embark on this adventure, I need to know - will this be relatively simple for a non-techie guy like me? I'm hoping dbpoweramp and jriver are user-friendly. Are they? If anyone "out there" is willing to let me email or call them offline if I run into problems, I would certainly appreciate it. None of my local audiophile friends are into computer audio.
Rockyboy, given that you got your current setup working, I doubt you'll have any problems with dbPoweramp. It's menu interface is a little different than standard Windows programs but it's not that big of a deal. I think I remember having to turn on the secure ripping feature and the AccurateRip system but that may have changed in recent versions. I really like the fact that it compares several online services for metadata. Getting this info right is extremely important down the line. I've not used jRiver so I can't comment on its usability.