Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??

I want to go to a monitor speaker because I cannot physically handle the weight and size of a 80lbs floor standing speakers any longer.

I have looked at several monitors like the Sonus Faber Venere MKII series; Lenaham ML-1 made in Australia, Spendor, Harbeth. I have listened to the older Dynaudio Excite 12 and new version, Excite 14. I like the sound of both of the latter speakers, but the dealer insists I hear the Dynaudio Focus 160. Unfortunately, he has none in stock to buy or for audition.

Therefore, any member currently own a pair of the Focus 160, or have auditioned them recently. I need some good feedback about this model's sound quality before charging in and buying them. I also want to get opinions about whether a monitor can compete with a large floorstander. Thanks to all !!!!!
Lots of great monitors out there for under $3K. Dynaudio Confidence 3's, Totem Mani-2, Von Gaylord Legend monitors, Celestion Kingstons, Dynaudio Special 25's, and Totem the ones that I happen to currently have up for sale. I would take the Confidence 3's over any of the Dynaudio speakers you mentioned. I would even take them over the C1s, because the C1s are so dang ugly. C1s are great speakers, but I havent seen a pair go for under $3k, so I will leave them off the list.
Reference 3A has good models. Very easy to drive, great Soundstage and a very coherent reproduction.
Jean Marie Reynaud Offrande are some of the finest, most musically satisfying, speakers I have everheard - whether monitor or floorstander. Paired with the right electronics, the performance is nothing short of spectacular.

Check out the reviews of the original versions, which have been improved on in the ensuing years

Bob Neil, in Enjoy The Music, directly compared them with the famous Spendor SP1/2's and Harbeths Monitor 30's.

Then, revisited the Offrandes a year later for Positive Feedback Magazine and elevated his already high opinion of the speakers to a new level

As i said, the later versions of this speaker are even better.

There are a pair for sale here at $3,750 with the matching factory Magic Stands (I have nothing to do with them)
Just today I listened to some very expensive systems comprising Linn, McIntosh, Vienna Acoustics, Wilson Benesch.
I came home and really enjoyed my Harbeth Compact 7s (the first version, I think around 1995). I go to the shows and dealers but when I come home I still appreciate the truly natural reproduction of tonality that my 20 year old Harbeths give. I use tube amps & preamp in a 18X20 room. 100 watts/channel & they can put out all the volume I think anyone would want.
Thanks to all who responded......Has anyone listened the Kings Sound Design speakers which use electrostatic drivers on top. They offer a bookshelf speaker called the Princess IIa which uses the electrostatic tweeter and
a standard 5.5 woofer. This model, I believe is being discontinued and is being offered on a Black /Friday sale. (See listing on Audiogon) Needs stands and placed close to the backwall. If anyone has listened to or owns them, please provide some feedback