Is a CJPV10A and a Sonographe SA250 a good match?

I am very interested in picking up a CJPV10A, but am unsure of a good Amp to mate with it. I have a few friends with CJ stuff and I like the sound, but am still looking a bit more before purchasing anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I listen to a lot of serious electronic music and want to make sure I get the most from my pieces. I'm not an audiophile, but I love my music and will someday have the dough to go high-end. Right now I have a Rega P2 with Boston Acoustics VR965's. Thanks for any info supplied.
Consider the CJ MF2100 amplifier. Excellent match and about the same price used ($500 to $600). This combo (with the PV-10) was my system for over 2 years during the mid 90's.

I did own a SA250 before the MF2100, so I know from personal experience the difference was worth it for me.
I second Sugarbries suggestion or if you can afford it a 2250 or better yet the 2250A.

Here is a quote from an e-mail that I got from Knut at Conrad Johnson as I was trying to figure out what amp to purchase about 9 months ago. ""If you use for example a PV10B or PV14L together with the SA250, then the result is that you will hear more detail overall, and the sound will be truer overall. These two preamplifiers, PV10B &PV14L are really appropriate for this amp, and make the SA250 sound even better.""
I do agree with the other replies that CJ MF line of amps will sound better than the Sonograph for not much more $$$.
I anded up bying a MV-55 after all.
Keep us posted to what you decide on doing.
cheers, Shahen
I used a PV10BL and a Sonographe SA400 with Triangle Celius and I thought it was just great. I'm all tube now but I would have no trouble using my previous system for the rest of my life.

I'm using PV10AL with SA-400 for five yrs now and recenly changed speakers from Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano to JMLab MIcro Utopia and found a new life in system. The sound is musicaly satisfied and balanced with a golden tube glow and muscular bass delivery.
A friend of mine who own a system worth 4 times of mine is constantly amazed of rightness of my system.

I must add that I've modified preamp with DACT pot which put it in a league of PV14. I'm also using Golden Dragon gold pin tubes.

In this period I've listened to several amps in my system but always returned to PV10AL and SA400.

I'm running a CJ Sonographe SA 400 with a PV 10A.
My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Bachs. A Njoe Tjoeb
4000 rounds things out. Overall I have been very
pleased with the combo. The 400 has plenty of
power without sounding harsh or thin. If you can
find a SA 400 it would be worth your consideration.

Good luck