Is advice from a constant upgrader to be avoided

For a while now I've been reading these forums and to be honest i was thinking of leaving. I felt a bit out of depth given that it seems so many others have had so much experience through owning what seems to be tens of speakers, amplifiers, DACs etc etc and reading people buying and selling piece after piece after piece on the search for some sound.... 

When someone asks advice about a certain item it seems like half the audience have owned it and moved on and have a comment to make. I then read about someone buying an extremely expensive amp and deciding quickly to sell it because it doesn't sound right. Then someone else is on their fourth DAC in a year. 

So all these people have advice to give. What I'm wondering now is, is advice from a person who's never content, constantly changing their system, never living with a system for long enough, and have more money than patience, really the right person to take advice from? .

There seems fewer (maybe they're less vocal) people who buy gear and spend the time to appreciate it, and have maybe only had a very few systems in their lifetime. I think I'd rate their advice higher on the gear they know than the constant flipper/upgrader.

Is the constant flipper/upgrader always going to say that the gear they used to own was no good and they've now got better? Maybe their constant searching is because their ear is no good or they're addicted to the rush of opening a new box. 

Just because person X has owned a lot of equipment doesn't mean their advice is to be sought after, it could mean the exact opposite.


Mid fi, this is a hobby. Nobody has a listening room like yours, nobody likes the same things in music as you do, most of the equipment recommended is really good, put on your big boy pants and decide for yourself. It's a hobby. You can learn a lot from the forums but you build your system to suite your taste not some stranger as well meaning as they may be. You have to find out what you like and then sit back and enjoy the music. 

Right now I am working with two people who make a lot of sense.  I learned something to day and I won't forget it.  This person said you need to treat speaker wires and connects like components.  Up until now I didn't realize you can hear a difference until I resently spent $2,800 on a pair of speaker wires and power cord.  Unfortunately, things are sounding a bit harsh.  I broke my speaker wires and had no choice but to look at upgrading my wires to see for myself if wires made a difference in sound.  Well...........they do.  I wanted to hear more detail and now I am hearing the short commings for my system because I can hear them.  I am working with a cable sales person and he said had you not broken your speaker wires, I would have started at the source of your music.  In this case it is the BlueSound.  I am now going to upgrade the power cord not because the BlueSound consumes a lot of power but because I want to feed power with less noise.  I have my BlueSound connected by RCA's to my amplifier and I am now going to connect by way of digital cable.  Why, because I am using the DAC inside the BlueSound instead of a much better DAC inside my amplifier.  I will be spending twice on cables than I paid for the BlueSound.  Perhaps, I need to look at the BlueSound as just a way to stream data and spend the money on cleaning up the signal and using a better DAC to unfold better sound.  Listen to the guys who seem to really know about what they are talking about and avoid the others.  Right now, I am going to try improve what I have and like the sales person told me, I haven't really heard my sound system yet and what it is capable.  After I do this, I am going to relax and listen to music until I can figure out the next logical move.

Try to separate the good from the bad.  There is some good info here but it is important to pick and choose.  Some folks here have a very tenuous relationship with reality so be careful.

Nothing wrong with reading what "flippers" have to say.

Nothing wrong with reading what "possessers of perfect sound" have to say.

Just try to read the tea leaves. Laugh at irony, challenge bluster, pity insecurity, and expose hidden motives.

i am surely one of the gear swappers/hoarders, been doing it off and on, since my college days in the early 80’s

to me, there are different ways to enjoy this pursuit

first and foremost, i believe there is much much wisdom in not swapping gear much, especially if you really enjoy music (and not the gear), have limited budget, and have a system that already pleases you in how it presents music you like to listen to

second, having said the first, i do also enjoy the equipment, as wonderful tools to present music beautifully... to me, these are lovely products of human passion and ingenuity -- to make gear that in turn makes beautiful music in our private spaces, music we want to listen to, when we want to... so over the years, i have found that i enjoy learning about and finding great equipment, experiencing first hand what it does, how it does it, this is cool and fun, to then enjoy the awesomely wonderful music that results ... to me it is a high order melding of left/right brain, science/engineering, for the pursuit of art/beauty/emotional connection

my second career for the last 20 years has been designing, developing, building new/renewed homes, and it is similar pursuit in some ways - a melding of business and operations with design, functionality, ergonomics and style, hard and soft skills coming together, employing construction methods to create homes that are comforting, beautiful and that bring joy to those who live in them

so for me, it is not at all about dissatisfaction or restlessness in wanting to experience (and thus changing) hifi gear, it is about experiencing firsthand what the best of this industry has to offer, in pursuit of lovely, wonderful music...(and frankly, to a much more minor degree, to call b-s on some of the hype/marketing that is thrown out there)

last thing i will mention is that since early 2020, i dove headfirst back into hifi and related gear as a hobby, due to covid, after several pretty inactive years, and i would have to say, getting back into this hobby so much, learning about streaming, getting up to date on the latest great gear, has in hindsight been vital in maintaining my humanity and sanity over this period

anyhow, my 2 cents