Is anyone familiar Holfi?

I have a Holfi Pre8 preamp that I purchased from Audiogon a couple of years ago and the gentleman that I purchased it from did not have the remote. I have contact Holfi several times requesting to buy a remote but I have never received an answer. Any information would be helpful. thanks...
Good as the products may be, dealing with Holfi is a drag! First of all, trying to access their homepage in Denmark will result in a warning about an untrusted connection (unvalid certificate - issuer unknown; I tried it again just now via Firefox as well as Safari). Secondly, they don't want you to contact them, really, they seem to spy out from where you are trying to connect them, then redirect to the local distributor. In my case, I ended up with a distributor who adamantly wanted to call me and refused to give information via e-mail. No thanks, my interest had faded by that time.

Anyway, they are supposed to be distributed in the USA by Texas Audio Products, but that is another address, I can't access ("server not found"), so fwiw here is the url:
Should this link fail for you as well, you might send a request for help to

Good luck
@ Karelfd: Why post a message, now when you obviously don't know ANYTHING about the situation around this thread specific topic? Fact is:
1) The company Holfi is today closed, and has been for a few years.
2) Peter Holstein - the owner behind Holfi - is known for his extremely fine service, a service he even today continues to provide customers who own a Holfi product.

@ Couldbe: I will tomorrow try to get an address for Peter Holstein, and then you will get an email from me.
Chris10an, no reason to get excited (at least not on your side, that is). I have been SERIOUSLY interested in their "Magician" and have SERIOUSLY tried to get information, to no avail (mid 2009 following a test in Hifi&Records 3/09). Also, not a word about Holfi being closed on the website until today, everyone may judge for themselves whether they think that's "fine service".
Again, Holfi was closed before mid 2009.

"" is NOT the correct link to Holfi. ".de" is a link to a germans domain site, and Holfi is/was a Danish firm (= ".dk"). Is this Rocket science: ???
Sorry to see your Tourette worsening.

If Holfi was closed before mid 2009, there nevertheless was a test in H&R in mid 2009 on what was claimed to be a new product. On the basis of that test I tried to reach them in Denmark (.dk, yes have some notion of political geography). As I said, I was redirected to the German distributor under (appears pretty official to me, if Klang Konzeption and Audience, the alleged distributors are impostors, you better tell Peter Holfi, huh). That site will still turn up if one looks up Holfi today, and not a word about Holfi going belly up for whatever reason.

Be that as it may, if Couldbe gets his remote via your exclusive contact, I'm happy about that (hey, why didn't you reply in the first place).

As to this amusing chat, I'm out of here, blimey.
Hello Chris10an!

I have used Holfi pre and power amms for 15 years now and I know Peter.

The local distributor in Malaysia gets new products from Denmark to this day and 2 years ago their multiformat DVD/CD/SACD player was awarded by Stereo Times magazine, reviewed in April 2009.

So, are you very sure of your information?

Couldbe, you can contact the Malaysian dealer Wisma Audio and ask them for the remote.

Hi Atlasiris

Yes, I am quite sure, that the company Holfi is closed.

I've talked to Peter Holstein 10 days ago, about the wanted remote , and he could help. However, Couldbe has not responded to my mail. Strange...

At Wisma Audio website, you see that the website - with Holfi products - latest updated is dated 2'nd July 2004: