Is anything better than the Accuphase T-100?

I've had an Accuphase T-100 for slightly less than ten years now and listen to it daily.  Every time I listen to it, I can't help but to think about how amazing it is.  The soundstage width, depth, instrument separation, and tone is so good.  It's much better than my CD player.  Is there anything else that's in the same league?  I have space on my rack and listen to so much FM radio that I thought it might be fun to get another tuner, possibly tube, to switch back and forth when the mood strikes.  I'm intrigued by some of the vintage tube tuners out there, but don't want to waste my time unless I know that it's at least equal in performance to the Accuphase.

So, if you have experience with the great Accuphase T-100 and something else that's just as good or better, please let me know what the other tuner is and how it compares.  I would love to hear about it!
I Have a Accuphase t-100 and I enjoy it very much. Very quiet great sound.

I like to switch back and forth to a (tube 6922) Magnum Dynalab 90T tuner.

I enjoy the tube tone of the Dynalab.
I like them both.  

Both units are hooked up with Magnum Dynalab antennas. 

I must say that the tube tone is hard to beat.  really nice.
I just purchased a T-100 having owned an McIntosh MR77, Scott 310E, Scott 310 +335, Scott 370B, Sony XDR-F1HD (full mods by XDRGuy) and a Mitsubishi DA-F20.  The T-100 beats them all for sound-hands down.

Among the tuners I have owned, only the XDR-F1HD is more sensitive and selective but is not as good sound wise.

The 310E (Foster Blair restoration) has a great 3D sound and is surprisingly sensitive but does not have the bass of the T-100 in my system. This may be due to the fact that, like many tube components, the Scott likes a high input impedance (100K+ as noted in their service bulletin) and my Benchmark preamp is 47K so bass may be attenuated in my particular system.

The DA-F20 has an engaging sound too but mine is in need of alignment so unfair to compare.

MR77 (Modafferi restored in 2004 and I no longer own) sounded very good but I do not recall having the 3D soundstage to the T-100.

The T-100 soundstage is just amazing to my ears in that it truly feels like it's bringing you closer to a live performance. The mids are not too forward or recessed and highs are clear without sibilance. It has richest bass I have ever heard from a tuner. Leans slightly warm but never fuzzy...

The built quality is also exceptional. 

I can't stop listening to it. Hard for me to imagine how subsequent Accuphase tuners improved on this sound. I am selling my other tuners.