Is heavier the better?

This is my general question about amps. It came to mind because of the popular Plinius integrated (namely, 8150 or 8200). People claim that 8200 are designed so close to SA100/M16 conbo and difference is subtle, while, to me, the weight is too "light" (25lb). Now question to you audio proficeints; how close can that be with almost quarter of weight? Or, is this a stupid question? Please enlighten me. Thanks, Ken
Most of the weight of a component is in the transformer, chassis and heatsinking. If a device uses a smaller transformer, weight AND maximum sustained power is reduced. If an identical amp uses less heatsinking, reliability and maximum sustained power is reduced. So, as far as amps go, YES, heavier is better than light and flimsy. Sean >
Sean, thanks for your reply. Yes, that's exactly my question. Although I don't fully know what you mean by "maximum sustained power", in the example above, SA100 is rated 100wpc while 8200 is rated 175wpc including pre-section. ????